Running Away to Sea in Second Life

Balboa Island (moderate)

If you have followed my adventures for any length of time you are aware that I am banned from driving any motorized vehicle of any type anywhere on the grid.  Personally I think people are over-reacting to a few minor incidents.  I admit that  every time I have attempted to travel by car or truck or boat or bicycle or plane or motorcycle (oh and there was that one giant ant) something unfortunate has occurred but insurance covered most of the damage.

I bring this up to help explain why I haven’t visited the whole Blake Sea/United Sailing Sims↑ group of regions before.

Balboa Island (moderate)

I didn’t actually know I was going to visit them this morning.  I headed off somewhere and wound up being bounced to an adult hub with a gazillion other people.  You know how awkward it is when a large group of avatars suddenly arrives on exactly the same spot at the same time?  You land on somebody’s head and people land on yours.  It’s more than a little disconcerting to find yourself immediately underneath a naked kajira in the kneeling and bound submissive position.  I’m actually understating my discomfort.

In any case, I plugged the first place I could think of into the map and teleported out.  I had just heard of a place called Balboa Island↑ and that’s how I found myself in the midst of this huge group of regions devoted to sailing and ocean side life.

Balboa Island (moderate)

My short visit taught me that it’s more than just sailing around these parts. I found the Hotel Adriano (the parrot offered me a beer) and a tribute to float plane pilots.  It was nice to see a “tropical” theme that didn’t seem to involve oiled bodies or volleyball games designed to show off bouncing body parts.

I only made it to a couple of the islands but I saw a lot of different types of boats and some truly beautiful locations to live.  I also saw the ultimate in lawn furniture.

Balboa Island (moderate)

I’m still fussing with photo composition using this new wide screen – it really has thrown me off. This has been complicated by a recent foray into black and white which requires different thinking as well, you can’t use the sky or windlight to create mood. I feel like a complete newbie with the camera – again.

I did find one spot that I think I can use to escape the noise of all my lives. If any kajira tries to land on me here she’ll get unceremoniously fed to the nearest fish.

Balboa Island (moderate)
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  1. Interesting how much Balboa Island looks like Michael Linden’s home in Shamon, right down to the seaplane, though some textures are radically different. You didn’t happen to notice if he was the builder or not, maybe? I just gave my wife a tour of the home last night then settled in at the near by Infohub, putting a couple pix in my Profile feed (

    Michael Linden’s Home:

  2. I popped in later and checked .. nope, but parts of it are prim-for-prim duplicates. Could be an alt, I guess. And it is on a Homestead so the prims are nearly maxxed out. Interestingly, the use is contrary to the directions for Homesteads set forth by The Lab, so if it is Linden-owned, there is a bit of hypocrisy there.

    • I can’t or won’t speculate but I will say the relationship between LL and that community is one I’ve never understood anyway – it’s more complex than it seems. :)


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