Salmagundi Sunday in Second Life

Cryptic (moderate)

Allow me to clear off some of my backlog with a quick review of some diverse locations. It’s a reminder of some of the wide variety of options on the grid.

Cryptic↑ is a location which includes not only a store full of mesh sculptures and items but also a very extensive playground for those who like to test their skills (or vent some frustrations) by shooting things.  In this case you will shoot and kill bots not people.  One of the funky things about this sim is that there are rusty barrels providing couples dance balls situated next to the instructions for arming yourself and venturing out to destroy those mecha monsters.  I met some nice people here and saw one guy with a really really big glowy gun.  We decided he’s compensating for something.  If you like testing yourself with weapons and searching out enemies of the metal variety you should give this place a try.

The Dressing Room (moderate)

For those bargain hunters who haven’t discovered The Dressing Room↑ yet – let me suggest you check out their website↑ and go visit one of their two locations inworld.  If you join their subscribo you get the first bulletins of new discount items from very well known designers.  There are different items in each of the stores and, if you see something you want, don’t delay purchasing it.  The clothing, skins, jewellery etc.  change every week or two.  Even I saw stuff I’d like – and a beautiful skin for less than L$80 is a real deal.  And yes gentlemen, there are items for you as well.

Mad Pea (moderate)

Sunday afternoons are a great time to go see some of the latest creations by builders and scripters from around the grid.  At 2:00 pm SLT you can go watch as both well known and brand new creators show off their latest inventions (you can also be one of the demonstrators if you like).  The MadPea Show & Tell↑ is a fun way to spend an hour and get inspired.

If you’ve visited here for any length of time you know I love tinies.  One section of my inventory is devoted to that culture and odds & ends I’ve acquired over time.  If you have your tiny avatar and are looking for great accessories then go visit Periwinkle & Denimore Designs↑.  Bo and Luna provide everything from clothing to bathroom fixtures ( a tiny would drown in a “normal” bathtub).  It’s not the greatest photo but you’ll find some really cool stuff.

Finally today, for those who take their vampire role play seriously, there is Progeny↑.  It looks like a spectacular build but to be honest I didn’t venture away from the landing area.  You see to access the rest of the sim you must accompany this fellow in his boat and allow him to transport you over there.

I’ll do a lot for my readers, but this journey I’ll leave up to you. :)

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