The Tenth Rua & Second Life as a Virtual Solution to my Bucket List

Tenth Rua (moderate)

pravda Core↑ sculpts.  I’ll write some more words because some people expect them – but those three are all you really need to know.  Well that and he has created that kind of “store” I love – one that is a destination where you can buy things rather than something that just screams retail

Understand I have nothing against the usual type of shopping experience, and certainly the number of people who have the resources to do more than just offer their wares in a typical outlet is limited, but damn this is something that makes me happy.

Tenth Rua (moderate)

Imagine, if you will, landing on a spot and discovering a stunningly beautiful asian landscape and the entrance to an underground excavation.  I arrived on Tenth Rua↑ this morning after following a trail of photos from various people on Koinup↑

I get a lot of tips for locations to visit on that site – unfortunately photos don’t always come with slurls so it can be difficult sometimes to find the place I want.  If you just go to a sim by the name of “Tenth Rua” without the coordinates you’ll wind up on what seems to be a plain ordinary sandbox. The treasures are high above you in the air and are spread over different elevations.

Tenth Rua (moderate)

The photos I saw (and was compelled to chase down) were of an underground excavation that may look familiar.  You really need to go visit this build.  It’s been a dream of mine for decades to see the  Terracotta Army↑ and this might be my only chance to come close in any life.

If you see the virtual world we inhabit in a series of images (which seems to happen if you spend most of your Second Life trying to capture it in pictures) you’ll be overwhelmed at the visuals of this location.  Just the doorway underground or the passage returning to the surface will call out for camera work.  The focus however will be these men and their horses.

Tenth Rua (moderate)

The landing spot I’ve given you has a teleport board that will offer you 10 of pravda’s retail areas on his two sims.    The store for his asian works are on this level. If you are looking for medieval sculptures or props or graveyard items he has them and he displays them in fabulous landscapes.  If I was creating something along those lines this is where I’d source my special items.  Go visit the two sims and be delighted.  I was.

A quick sidebar note for photographers – have you noticed you can tell when somebody wandering through your setup has on a facelight, how there is suddenly another light source throwing off your careful composition?  /me mutters about the impact of “fashion” on my shots.

Ninth Rua (moderate)
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  1. Love that terra-cotta army.
    History is such a golden subject to use in combination with Second Life.


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