From the Sublime to the Devastated in Second Life

Nordari (moderate)

I rarely know exactly what I’ll find when I follow somebody’s clues to a new adventure.  Oh there are times that a photo I’ve seen or a tip I’ve received give me a clear indication but the “reality” is usually much bigger and more complex.  Today’s journey began with an image↑ from that grid treasure we know as Torley↑.  From the name of the location and the items in the photograph I expect a store selling post-apocalyptic items.  What I found was delightful but different.

I remember Nordari↑ from a previous location, it’s a store selling prefabs and other (slightly surreal) items.  The building itself is welcoming and comfortable while modern and it contains beautiful objects (with an opportunity to demo them before purchase).  It also gives you an opportunity to cuddle a fox on a couch. :)

Nordari (moderate)

It’s summer on the sim which is a great relief to somebody who is experiencing winter in a supposedly temperate location in the physical world.  The landscaping is spare and serene and contains lovely whimsical elements that invite you to sit and enjoy a warm morning next to the water.  This is a delightful place to spend some time.

However, nothing I saw seemed to reflect what I expected from Torley’s photo.  So I went back to the image and grabbed the coordinates from his link and plugged them into the viewer and found a post-apocalyptic landscape floating high in the air above the pastoral calm.

Nordari (moderate)

I must tell you I failed to find a way to discover this build from sea level and I was muttering to myself wondering how he had found it.  Then I had to stop myself and remember he’s TORLEY, if anybody has connections he does.

Whatever happened to this town it happened long ago.  Mother nature is doing her best to reclaim the area from the rusted, collapsed and burnt out remnants of what was at one time a small community.  As always, there is beauty in the aftermath of destruction.

Nordari (moderate)

The grid gives us the opportunity to build whatever we’d like and it doesn’t force us to realize only one side of ourselves.  The apparent contradictions demonstrated by these two very different landscapes is an example of somebody tapping into more than one aspect of their imagination.

I suggest you visit both sides of this personality.  The links in the photo captions take you to the different elevations. They’re each compelling and fascinating in their own way.  :)

Nordari (moderate)
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