Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Confronts Her Mainland Bigotry in a Second Life Bog

Breven (adult)

The Intrepid Explorer has many faults and biases.  This is not something she is proud of but she is honest enough to admit that and (in some cases) she will, when confronted with evidence of her misguided foolishness, learn and grow.  Her explorations this morning resulted in some painful introspection and perhaps a new appreciation for something she has subconsciously avoided for too long.

We are speaking of course of The Mainland and specifically in this case of (gasp) Zindra.

Breven (adult)

Our heroine has an image of The Mainland as a vast expanse of alternately empty land and a strange mishmash of unrelated builds.  Oh she knows there are planned communities but they don’t come to mind when she thinks about the continents.  Uccie↑ has frequent posts showing the “delights” of non-island living but they have yet to convince our wanderer that there is something other than rare and isolated examples of beauty and compelling content awaiting her.

The prejudice against the huge landmass that she thought simply anchored those thousands of island dotting the SL ocean is even more egregious when it comes to Zindra.  Nothing, she thought, would be worth her time in what must be certainly an endless expanse of penises, whips, restraints, and pose ball demonstrations of avatar sex.

Breven (adult)

Then she went to visit Breven↑.  She assumed from a photo↑ she’d seen that she would land on an island (she confesses her bigotry).  It was a shock to discover that she had arrived in the middle of that land of “smut and depravity” she always avoids.  I suppose it could be an indication of her bravery that she didn’t immediately teleport to safety but the truth is the images she saw were so compelling that it didn’t occur to her.

The castle she encountered is a fabulous build and it certainly looks deserving of anybody’s time but what captured her attention is the sim-sized bog that lies at its feet.

Breven (adult)

This is a landscape she could happily explore and appreciate for hours.  It avoids cliches and any overtly “cute” crimes against nature and it demonstrates a great deal of love and attention to detail that is easy to admire.  Our Intrepidness was forced to face up to her ignorance and blanket bigotry and recognize that beauty can be found everywhere.

She is not foolish enough to believe this could be the only location that merits her efforts on this portion of the map.  The Explorer has had her mind changed and her horizons will expand, albeit slowly. There are obviously jewels in what she had thought of as a giant – well we won’t dwell on what she thought.  She was wrong and she admits it.

Breven (adult)
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  1. isfullofcrap

     /  March 20, 2012

    So, how many moles had to be paid to make that place? ;)


  2. Pieces of Zindra are better than the norm for a couple reasons:

    – The really garish builds have been focusing on the downtown areas where they have roads and double prims and other things that make them believe their ‘amazing skills with magenta and fullbright’ will attract organic traffic.

    – The land flippers have been holding a lot of land in reserve, keeping the prices artificially high and away from showing up on the 1l/m abandoned list. These artificially high prices have also scared away many of the fugly-builders who’s business models tend to be so horrid and unsuccessful that they cannot afford living in much of Zindra anymore.

    – The good builds have fled away from the garish ones over time, for the most part. So that you’re starting to see clusters of the two types.

    There’s actually a sizeable residential population in Zindra. They’re not really represented by zindra’s community groups (ZA at least, is even anti-resident/pro-business in policy).

    Parts of Zindra are often either much better than the rest of mainland, or much worse. Usually not in the middle ground.

  3. Holy Adultness! That place looks fabulous! I wonder how I missed it. Thanks, Honour!

  4. Map “Fossil”. Find your way past the “dead” side of the wall to the other side. See if you can find the “secret” teleporter to the sky-maze.

    Zindra is not all T&A. Just because it”s Zindra does;t mean you cannot find worthy exploration. But I see you’ve discovered this already. :)

    IM Donovan Darcy in world if you want a landmark.


  5. softpaw

     /  March 20, 2012

    Your not the only one with a biased against mainland and Zindra. I am highly surprised this place is on mainland Zindra! It looks amazing. I may just have to go.

  6. As the owner (and partial renter) of most of Breven, I have to thank you for your kind words, and express my pleasure than my lovely bog is occasionally visited and enjoyed! I confess, I am not much of a “builder” perse- the amazing castle is mostly the work of Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire, although I have tweaked and adapted it to my realm, and the flora and fauna are a showcase of what I consider to be some of the finest creators in SL. The landscaping itself is my own, and I very much welcome visitors with or without cameras. (All should be warned though- this IS Zindra, and even the beautiful Breven Bog is not completely suited to those of delicate sensibilities ;)

  7. As one of the owners of Breven, I must say – THANK YOU! This is a wonderfully written piece. Two visitors to the land pointed this out to me (this would explain why so many non-peenpants newbs have been exploring lately.) She has worked very hard on the sim to make it what it is today – and it changes weekly. All are welcome, just be nice, and clean up your mess.

  1. WHAT IS THIS CRAP? » On the turning away…

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