Solving Technical Issues, Owing Vampires & a Region of Mesh in Second Life

Mayfair (general)

I’ve spent the past couple of days alternately fussing with this new system I have and walking away in disgust.  I’ve got more speed and power and my Second Life performance has dramatically improved but I had one teensy tiny issue.  If I landed somewhere with a lot of sculpties or even just a few objects made of mesh,  I crashed.

My level of frustration increased with everything I tried to fix the problem.  I didn’t think it was the fault of my video card – although I was getting error messages from Nvidia – I mean the thing worked on my old system.  I kept insisting it was Win 7 even though my friends assured me they weren’t having any issues.

Mayfair (general)

I continued googling different descriptions of the issue and finally found what appears to be the solution.  I’m running the 64 bit version of Windows 7 but SL, of course, is a 32 bit program. That’s OK, Win 7 recognizes this and adjusts.  However, at least in my case, I had to make one more tweak to avoid crashing everytime a mesh object appeared.

If you right click the Second Life icon on your desktop and choose properties, there is a Compatibility option to run the program as if it was in an environment which used to work for you.  In my case that was Windows XP.  Video problem solved?  I would have to test.

Mayfair (general)

With some kind of freak metaphysical timing I ran across this photo↑ by that Androgynous, Albino, Australian Fashionisto Vampire Winter Jefferson↑.  Two things struck me about the photo, the first is that he was dressed (not something that happens frequently) and the second is that he said the location he was in was a “mesh sim”.

Earlier in the day I was crashing at a Show & Tell↑ every time somebody rezzed just one mesh object.  I decided that a really good test of the solution to my technical problem would be an entire region of these objects.

Mayfair (general)

I can report back from my trip that Mayfair↑ is a shopping region (home to two large stores), it is mesh, it is gorgeous and I did not crash.  It’s a fabulous example of the technology and the amazing clarity and crispness of textures that creators get when they use mesh.  In fact it’s so “clean” I started to look for litter. :)

Since I’m already in debt to that Aussie blood sucker let me pass on one more tip from Mr. Ilovethespotlight.  If you have found that sometimes mesh objects won’t rez for you, or a mesh avatar is missing pieces on your screen, there is a debug setting you can adjust.  Go to “meshmaxConcurrentRequests” which is set at 32 by default and increase the number to 64 or 100 or higher if your system can stand it.  Then click on something you were having issues seeing – the rest of the mesh landscape should appear.

I’ll go back to exploring and stop worrying about hard landings.  :)

Mayfair (general)
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  1. Scarp Godenot

     /  March 19, 2012

    Question? Are you running the latest LL viewer or a Third Party viewer? I myself have thrown all the tpvs away except to visit other Open Sims, and find I’m running faster and cleaner than most of the people I talk to……

    Just wondering….

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you SOOO much for the tip! Awesom.

  3. Waves to this rl country cousin! :P Great pictures and great write up Ms Honour. As for the mesh issues with Second Life (“SL”) at the moment, I fail to see why Linden Labs (“LL”) rolled out the entire mesh approach when so many of their clients/users of SL don’t have computer systems yet that can take advance of mesh prims & textures. My totally unscientific study about mesh is that the vast majority of SL users are having lots of viewer/tech issues right now that I’m sure are turning off a lot of people. From a business view point I fail to see why LL leaped into mesh without making sure at least the majority of their users could enjoy the experience of mesh first without constantly crashing all the time when they visit sims with lots of mesh prims in use.

    • /me waves back (can you believe it’s snowing?) – I don’t blame LL for my crashing though, I blame my ignorance about win7 :) I was fine on XP – and to be honest, I would rather LL lead us with innovation than wait for everybody to have the perfect systems. It’s an obnoxious thing about technology and in a perfect world it wouldn’t matter. It could be just more ignorance on my part but I don’t think the speed of their innovations will ever be fast enough to knock out a majority of users. LOL but there will always be people who are unhappy. :)

      • I agree some what with your point Honour, that “…I would rather LL lead us with innovation than wait for everybody to have the perfect systems…” In the business world of both hardware and software technology “perfection” would put a lot of companies out of business. My frustration is more with the capital investment we all have to put into “bleeding edge” computer hardware & software that now seems to have a burn out rate that gets shorter and shorter all the time. I’m sure land fills around the world however, are appreciative of all the discarded computer hardware we have to get rid now. :P

      • LOL true and at the moment my capital investment is nil – I have to wait for second hand gear that’s newer than what I’m using. But I’ll get back on that treadmill soon enough :)

  4. The only reason I’m usually undressed is because that spotlight you mention actually shines out of my arse.

    Great post Honour; I’m so glad the Game Gods let you enjoy Mayfair as it’s meant to be!


  5. eliana

     /  March 21, 2012

    indeed, thanks for sharing your tech troubles and fix. i have had trouble since a drive went wonky and i had to reinstall. now things are SOmuch better.. but my fix was running NOT the xp compatability that was listed, but running win7, which i do have! thanks again for sharing.. i LOVE your blogs, well.. i love your humor!!!

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