The Temporary & Unfinished World in Second Life

Unfinished World (moderate)

There is on LEA22↑ an exhibit which (in my admittedly skewed brain) provides a reasonable metaphor for the entire Linden Endowment of the Arts↑ Full Sim Series.  The installation by Artistide (Artee) Despres↑ and Cherry Manga↑ opened yesterday and closes late tomorrow. The entire series is a collection of temporary exhibits – this one is just more temporary than most.

I received a notice the other day that all of the current Full Sim builds↑ will be closing at the end of tomorrow – March 15th.  I haven’t seen confirmation anywhere else but I’m not taking any chances and I’m trying to make it to all of the ones I missed and go back to as many of the others as I can.

Unfinished World (moderate)

There is much too much in this landscape to try and show you in 5 photos and that has been true of the entire series.  The immense volume of work, the diversity and the artistry have been overwhelming to me even as I thoroughly enjoyed my explorations.  I’ve encountered artists unfamiliar to me and had the opportunity to see the works of artists I already appreciate but on a larger and more complete canvas.

Unfinished World (moderate)

This work is a collaboration by two very fine artists.  The entire premise of the LEA and the exhibits has been the result of teams of individuals (most of whom are support players and deep in the background) working very hard to produce something I can experience.  Oh I know it’s about the art and that shines center stage – but I feel like I’ve received a gift as a result.  I love wandering the grid and finding examples of talent and skill but this group of sims makes it easy for me and I thank all of those involved.  I appreciate everybody who supports and displays great builds for my (and your) benefit as well as theirs but the LEA sims are like a candy store to a kid and I hope they continue to feed my sugar habit.

Unfinished World (moderate)

Of course there are politics involved.  Anytime you have at least two people interacting you will have politics.  I really don’t care – unless it reflects hypocrisy or deliberate evil intent – I’m going to ignore it and assume that, as usual, things will progress and improve and glitches or mistakes will be corrected.  Selfish of me, I know, but there you are.

The Unfinished World↑ is much like our grid.  Although it’s not complete it gives me pleasure and makes me want to see more.  It is filled with things that suddenly appear, grow and then disappear.  Once again, as with all of the other works currently on the Full Sims – this is temporary.  You only have a couple of days to experience this and other fabulous installations in the series.  I suggest, if you haven’t, you go see what has been going on and start anticipating the next round of gifts from the artists and organizers.  I am.

Unfinished World (moderate)
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