The Labyrinth of Absurdity in Second Life

I am so behind in sharing my explorations that I may wind up doing posts with multiple installations in them – but I’ll try and give each the spotlight it deserves.  The good news is that the hardware issues are resolved and I can get back to work. :)

I thought I’d start with an exhibition by Kicca Igaly↑ & Nessuno Myoo↑ which just opened.  The Labyrinth of Absurdity↑ is a title which could apply to my life so it seems appropriate.

I go visit the LEA↑ sims frequently because of both the enormous variety available on 20 sims of art but also because of the quality of what’s available.  This exhibit is on LEA6 – and that region seems to consistently host intriguing and fabulous works.  This one continues that trend.

The “Labyrinth” is actually an old, rust industrial complex which houses 8 absurd vignettes.  Each of the special scenes are exquisitely done and the journey, while occasionally a bit hazardous, adds much to your enjoyment. I found one of the boxed scenarios disturbing but it is just as accomplished as the others.

I’ve spoken before↑ about the way Nessuno uses prims alone to create works of art and, while I admire the creators of mesh and sculpty installations, I can look at these objects and at least dreams of being able to accomplish something at least a fraction as good.  I haven’t a hope with anything else.  Kicca’s work also uses the standard “old school” building tools provided to us on the grid. When you think about it, it really is remarkable what can be achieved.

One of the hardware changes I’ve made is to my screen which is now seemingly twice as wide as it is tall.  It’s great but I have to retrain myself when composing photos – I cheated a little today and reduced the image size to my previous screen’s settings but I’ll work on it and see what happens.  I have a lot more fiddling to do to move old files and find software that needs to be present on this new (to me) equipment – I still don’t have sound but I’ll figure that out.

While I’m doing all that I suggest you go visit the Labyrinth of Absurdity↑ and admire, once again, the talent and skills we have inworld.  Set your environment to either midnight or midday (or alternate between them) for the best possible viewing and set your view distance up to 200m if you can.  I think you’ll enjoy the journey!

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