Hardware Issues & Machinima Treats from Second Life

I’m still fussing with hardware and, as a result, am having some difficulty staying in world at the moment.  This means it’s just not possible to spend time exploring and taking the photos I need to share some fantastic builds. Instead I’ll use this brief post to share something different – a few of the machinima masters I follow.

Flufee↑ shares his adventures on the grid and always seems to meet the most interesting people.  :)  Who knew when mesh arrived that this hero of the masses would also be born?

One of my favourite machinimatographers, Geo Meek↑,  shares my fondness for both Von Johin↑ and a great inworld artist.  I won’t say what the images are from – that’s for a future post – but this video highlights the talents of all three.

You will find many videos on the web filmed within Second Life.  Some of the best capture great art and music.  I’ll leave you with one more today, this one covers Claudia222 Jewell’s↑  Spirit at Art Screamer↑.

I’ll go back to kicking my tower – that’ll work right?

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  1. Hardware Issues & Machinima Treats from Second Life « Safegaard – News Magazine

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