The Surreal Delicacy of the Industrial, The Dark Side in Second Life

The Dark Side (moderate)

I’ve said before that I enjoy the surreal↑ – in fact I’ve said it often enough that I spent some time trying to decide what it is that appeals to me about this form of art.  The truth is that I’m really not interested in the inherent politics or philosophy or psychology, it’s the presence of freely associated images and the visual non-sequiturs that seem to be compatible with my sense of humour.  My appreciation is, therefore, shallow and non-intellectual but nevertheless sincere. This brings me to the newest exhibit at Per4mance MetaLES↑.

Anley Piers↑ is one of the co-owners of The Mysterious Wave↑ and her installation is described as a fusion of the surreal with the delicacy of the foundry.  I have no idea how to parse that into meaningful chunks – but I will say that it has all the elements that make me fall in love with this type of work.

The Dark Side (moderate)

I admit I wasn’t sure that “foundry” and “delicacy” could be used together but the textures she uses actually make it seem reasonable.  There’s no rust or heavy corrosion (that I saw) we have come to expect inworld when the industrial is the subject. The colour scheme remains neutral and so there’s no feeling of oppressive weight.

The juxtaposition of elements is everything I could wish for and made it really difficult to stop camming in and snapping photos.

The Dark Side (moderate)

Adding to the atmosphere and the experience for me was a group of avatars dancing around the base of the tree.  They looked like “young and hip” university students and made me feel old – but they seemed perfectly at home in this abnormal landscape.

I will make one suggestion for you to add to your visit – when you land take a look at the map.  The shape of the island is part of this installation and quirky enough that it helped me prepare for what I was going to see.

The Dark Side (moderate)

I expect to be around in the near future but in case I seem to disappear for a while – I’m going to be making some hardware changes and that’s not my forte.  So if there’s a lengthier than normal pause in my explorations just imagine me with open computer towers and close your ears to the vocabulary being exercised.

If you want to escape anything and want some truly beautiful images – go visit The Dark Side↑.  I loved it.

The Dark Side (moderate)
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