The Rose Theatre (& other thoughts) in Second Life

The Rose Theatre (general)

I have a backlog of art and other wonders to share with you (including bugs) but I thought I’d show you a venue I happened upon the other day.

The Rose Theatre↑ is a very large complex devoted to “A celebration of the arts. The Rose brings together many art forms all under one roof.”  As a structure it’s a great place to explore and, unlike fashion backward me, you might want to dress formally just so you feel at home.

The Rose Theatre (general)

This incredibly opulent and extravagant build houses a ballroom and opera house as well as a gallery and more.  I had no difficulty imagining a host of glittering attendees making small talk at a large event within these walls.

The gallery curator and artist-in-residence is Kylie Sabra↑ and you’ll find a steampunk themed exhibit there now.  Including this telescope which follows you around – it’s not too disturbing until it blinks.

The Rose Theatre (general)

I want to apologize to all the artists and curators who have openings this week – I can’t physically get to all of them at once or write a blog post describing their wonders and publish multiples at the same time.  But, I will visit as many as possible and offer what I’ve seen in these pages.

Be a little patient with me.  I have a list of everything I know about and want to attend – and will save time for those I haven’t discovered yet.  :)

The Rose Theatre (general)

I should also make it clear, in case it isn’t, that I visit these installations and builds because of the joy the artists and creators bring me.  This has been increasingly important of late – I went more than 4 years inworld without drama.  A few months ago that changed and it’s been insane.  Luckily exploring keeps me in touch with those things I love about the grid and keeps me from going avaticidal. :p

Visiting The Rose Theatre↑  was a chance to visit another age and sensibility.  It’s lush and full of images that I enjoyed capturing and one day I’ll force myself to wear something really elegant and attend a truly high brow performance.  I’m hoping there will be champagne.

The Rose Theatre (general)
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  1. I visited the Rose Theatre the other day and I was absolutely stunned by the build. It is quite opulent and lovely.

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