Monumental & Fabulous, Ovid’s Metamorphoses in Second Life

Metamorphoses (moderate)

As you walk along the concrete path toward the far door some boxes will appear next to you.  If you click on one, tall stacks of boxes emerge and wobble and fall around you as more are created.  They’re physical so you’re not only surrounded and trapped you are pushed around against your will by their movement.  It’s a feeling I’ve not experienced before inworld.  The most startling thing about this little vignette is that it is just a small part of the first level of a monumental 8 level work.

My day started very early.  For some reason I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep so, at 4:00 am, I rose and sat at the computer and decided to go exploring.  I started with this page↑ from the LEA blog and chose Metamorphoses↑ by Merlino Mayo↑.  Obviously the synapses weren’t all firing because Ovid↑ might not be an obvious choice for that early an hour but I can’t regret it.  I think this might be one of those events that we’ll all look back on and thank the pixel gods for making the grid and this work possible.

Metamorphoses (moderate)

As huge as the scale of this piece is it would require many more sims to address the entirety of Ovid’s classic↑.  Merlino has  taken inspiration from the famous fresco Fall of the Giants in the Palazzo Te↑ and instead focused on Book One.

I fell in love with the last exhibition↑ I saw by Merlino but this is even more ambitious and successful.  I know I’m repeating myself but – this is an enormous work.  You could easily spend an hour or more just exploring Level 2.  The movement, the colour and the images are extraordinary and the contrast between levels makes each a well defined and complete installation on its own.

Metamorphoses (moderate)

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on this journey through the mind of Ovid and vision of the artist, you  might instead choose to do one or two levels during each of multiple visits.

0 Metamorphoses – 0 – Palazzo Te↑ – Mantova
1 Metamorphoses – 1 – Cosmogony↑
2 Metamorphoses – 2 – Cosmogony The Elements↑ – EL MENTUM (2010)
3 Metamorphoses – 3 – Cosmogony – The Creation↑
4 Metamorphoses – 4 – Ages of Man – The Golden Age of Man↑
5 Metamorphoses – 5 – Raise of Giants↑
6 Metamorphoses – 6 – Fall of Giants↑
7 Metamorphoses – 7 – Daphne↑

Metamorphoses (moderate)

It will take me repeated journeys to absorb everything I saw this morning.  These blog posts are not very long and it means that even if I could give an acceptable scholarly description of everything you should know about this installation there just isn’t room to tell you what Merlino has done.  I also can’t provide you with enough images to convey the breadth and depth of what you will see.

Let me just say this.  If you enjoy art, if you appreciate the ability to think “big” inworld and create on a large scale, if you want to be inspired to realize your own gigantic vision,  if you love taking photographs, if you want to experience something remarkable, if you’re a fan of Ovid and/or just want an opportunity to tell me I’m deluded – then go see Metamorphoses↑.

Metamorphoses (moderate)
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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful post ^^ I was so happy to read your impressions about my work :) I drop here also 2 lines I’ve posted in detail to better describe it. Also if it should need more words, I hope prims will talk alone ;-) Big Hugs! Merlino


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