The Concrete Kite (& lovable absurdity) in Second Life

The Concrete Kite (moderate)

I can remember trying to grasp the concept of  Theater of the Absurd↑ when I was a student and not getting there.  I think it was my  instinctive rejection of the notion of life having no meaning and, therefore, all communication becomes nonsensical.  However, the more time I spend in Second Life the more convinced I become that a new and much more positive type of joyous “absurd” is possible and present.  I will point to Eupalinos Ugajin↑ as a perfect example.

Eupa has a new show opening today in an old converted garage called the Yarn Factory↑.  When you land you receive a notecard:

You managed to get in? You’ll be happy to know you are not a Demon.
A Demon would crash on the inside wall (the one with the poster + chair)
as they all travel in straight lines.

The Concrete Kite (moderate)

I first met Eupa at what is now the artist’s home – Someday My Cow Will Come↑ (the video does a much better job of describing the build than I can).  You can get a landmark to this opportunity to fling a variety of random objects and other wonders at this show, I go there periodically just to remind myself that we’re having fun. :)

One of my favourite things about encountering him/her (I’ve given up trying to figure it out and asking would be too easy) is that Eupa’s avatar is always remarkable.  It’s a constantly changing work of art and also constantly moving.  I can never get a good photo but the artist has a flickr page of the various looks and if you like unconventional avatars do go look at these beauties↑.

The Concrete Kite (moderate)

A love for “different” avatars can get you into trouble.  Eupa first met the owner of this gallery at the LEA sandbox.  It was, apparently, Koto Nizna’s first build – a large structure called The Bird Cage↑.  The creator gave a copy to Eupa who now wears it as his/her avatar on occasion.  Not surprisingly, this can cause some concern but it is gorgeous – if extremely large.

I don’t know why this installation is called the Concrete Kite.  The title might just be random – certainly the image used on the show’s poster is a water tower not a kite.  Maybe you’ll figure it out.  I’m not sure Eupa knows.  This was the explanation for the table and window in the exhibit.

This table is a kind of fishing net
catches random images
and the thing on top of it sends some information to the “Window wondering where to land”
don’t ask me what kind of information

OK I won’t leave you in suspense, although you would have figured it out. Click on one of the objects and you’ll fly with the kite. You see the space around you – the gallery – becomes a bending, fluttering kite. It’s magic.

The Concrete Kite (moderate)

This isn’t one of those giant sim-wide installations I’ve been visiting recently but it is worth visiting.  If you don’t know Eupa’s work it’s a nice introduction to an artist who builds with skill and beauty and a great sense of humour.  You learn to click on things around you to see what will happen (including that “annoying box” that floats about the place).

This sim is owned by The Ionic Spell Collective and the stated intent is to celebrate art and music that is unique and original. You’ve entered a surreal world that was painstakingly created to ignite the senses.  I suggest that you go visit this exhibit and spend some time recapturing that feeling of “absurd” that is so essential to our well-being and so wonderfully demonstrated by this artist. Eupa always makes me smile.

The Concrete Kite (moderate)
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