A Visual (and mental) Cacophony in Second Life

Visual Cacophony (moderate)

I’m getting my work done – gradually – and took a few moments to visit Sea Mizin’s↑ installation on LEA29↑ and process some thoughts (aren’t you lucky!).

There are multiple openings these days which always coincide with the end of the month and I will share as many as I can.  Most of the new exhibits are by artists with which I’m familiar and I’m excited about all of them – some are new to me.  Sea provides a notecard at her installation which points out something so obvious I’ve never consciously considered it, her participation in the LEA Land Rush↑ has given her the opportunity to see much of her work together in one place for the first time.

Visual Cacophony (moderate)

I have a number of favourite locations to see art in Second Life and I’m always looking for more but, as Uccie↑ recently pointed out, I am partial to LEA↑ and not just because it provides us with 20 sims of great art to explore.  I support the concept and the idea that we are gifted with exposure to new artists and new work by established artists.  I also see it as a boon to those creating these works – there will never  be enough venues for the amount of talent that exists inworld.  But of course artists also benefit from endeavours such as this because building your vision in bits and pieces means it only lives as a “whole” in your imagination.  For Sea, according to her notecard, the chance to put it all together and share what she has created is a double plus.

I guess I just assume that the artists, when they can find a place to build, have at least seen the complete result.  Silly of me I know.  This led me to consider a couple of other instances this week that made me realize how many little things I foolishly take for granted.

Visual Cacophony (moderate)

The first instance that startled me was a chat request on Gchat.  I had never heard of the person and initially I thought they’d clicked on my email address in error.  I did that recently and I’m still mortified.  If somebody has their  SL ID emails forwarded to their “personal” address, and then responds from there, that personal ID appears on the response.  I think it’s just good manners to ignore this but that personal address then gets captured by the wizards and it appears as an option in your gchat list.  I clicked on one of those by mistake and couldn’t call it back.

The problem in this case is that as far as I know I’ve never sent to, nor received from, an email address belonging to somebody with a first name starting with “HotMari”.  It certainly doesn’t come up in the “auto complete” function and it’s not an option for me to choose in Gchat.  This begs the question “How did this person come up with my address?”.  Of course maybe its an alt of somebody I do know – they should tell me that.  I don’t feel inclined to chat with some stranger who puts “Hot” in their name.

Visual Cacophony (moderate)

The second odd event that made me take notice was a friend request inworld.  This one again from a complete stranger and that happens occasionally.  The difference this time was the text which accompanied the request (I’ve taken out the names):

Unknown Person is offering friendship
Imported from SomebodyIKnow.friendlist

This actually annoyed me.  It also surprised me – there’s a function somewhere to  copy another’s friendlist and send out automated requests?  Do you have to initiate it or will it be invoked automatically every time you add a new friend?  Will it expand your list exponentially every time somebody says “yes” by then moving on to their list as well?

I pondered the fact that I took it for granted that somehow people would actually have to know my name or my email address to reach out and contact me – and to expect me to respond.  I obviously live in a state of willful naivety.

Go see Visual Cacophony↑, it’s not going to be there long.  It’s a build full of colour and the artist’s joy.  You can also take the opportunity to share that joy by dancing as part of the exhibit.  I did and used the time to kick myself for not seeing the obvious more often.

Visual Cacophony (moderate)
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