A Steampunk Cow & a Dragonfly Wander off the Point in a Post-Apocalyptic Landscape in Second Life

If you go to LEA11↑ you will find, as I did, a perfect excuse to avoid the work you’re supposed to be doing and explore 4 very different sensibilities from 4 very different artists.  Each of these installations deserves your time and a separate blog post – but for now I’ll give you a brief glimpse and recommend you go and indulge yourself in all 4 experiences.

The Sea of Aley is a steampunk build which offers you treasure – you must be willing to hold your breath and look underwater though.  The chests will give you almost everything you see in the build but there is some sentience involved in the distribution.  Different objects are available at different times – and I saw my first steampunk cow.  :)

TheDove Rhode↑ has gifted us with One …. With Everything, One Planet One Universe↑.  This is a multi level installation full of light and colour and one ginormous dragonfly.  She has provided a meditation pillow which is good because it will take you some time to absorb the scale and beauty of this beast.

Allow me to interject a personal note at this point.  I love visiting the LEA↑ sims and sharing what these artists are creating.  However, I would really like it if somebody would put up just a small sign on each of the islands indicating an estimated “opening” date for the build.  I’m not always sure if the exhibit is complete and I hate the fact that I’ve blogged something the artist isn’t ready for people to view as yet.

As a case in point, Wandering Off The Point↑ is the latest installation by Simotron Aquila↑.  I was lucky enough to encounter her during my visit and I can report that this exhibit will officially open tomorrow, February 25th, at 11 pm SLT.

If you know anything about me you know I have a weakness for the surreal.  This is another multi level build and I loved it.  I could spend hours just exploring her creation and I strongly recommend you go see what she has built.

Misfit Aboma (moderate)

We on the grid have many favourite landscape genres.  One of them is the post-apocalyptic view of the future and if you’re looking for a new take on this “destroyed planet is beautiful” then you must see what Misfit Aboma↑ has done.

As a special treat you don’t need to take my word for this one.  That talented film maker Geo Meek↑ has used this fabulous build as the subject for a video with one of my favourite people, Von Johin↑, providing the sound track.  Enjoy and then go see what all of these artists have done.  Procrastination has never been so rewarding!

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  1. Why buy the steampunk cow when you can get the steampunk milk for free?


  2. ahuva18

     /  February 24, 2012

    I LOVE that cow!!!!!!! love it love it love it!!!! oh please tell me I can get a copy to graze on my land!!!!

    • um It’s possible that she’s in one of the treasure chests :)

    • Yes this cow is one item of the Nemo Hunt. But if you are out of luck to get one, go to the Arcadia Asylum Free Library & Museum at this point:


      There you will find three vendors of Aley (the red colored). In the upper left vendor are multiple steampunk cows among other cool stuff. You can select the cow with or without cart and with or without cow patterns. They are also fullperm with permission to give it away to anyone else.

      Because Aley of the Sea is Arcadia… :)


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