The Return of ChouChou in Second Life

ChouChou (moderate)

You’ve probably seen and heard the news that ChouChou↑ has returned.  It occurs to me that many of you might have no idea who/what that is or why this is something that excites so many of us.  I will try to provide enough information to incent you to go experience this phenomenon first hand.

Formed in Second Life by two artists from Japan (juliet Heberle – vocals, arabesque Choche – Music) ChouChou combines the visual and performing arts with some gems made possible by the technology available inworld.

ChouChou (moderate)

When you land on the first of three sims make sure you have your environment set to region default.  Then just watch for a while.  The land, water and sky will transform around you in a constantly changing mix of colour and movement.  You will have media enabled and the sound track will touch you and, if you’re stressed, relax you.

This is the type of installation which affects all of the senses we can use inside the metaverse and it’s all encompassing, integrated and superb.

ChouChou (moderate)

It was, of course, midnight when I visited but the there is a full day cycle every 4 hours.  More information on the sims (and some fabulous photos) is available on their website↑.  You can also listen and purchase their music.

If you can tear yourself away use the ladder to teleport to the next of their regions.  This is where the main concert hall is located (plus an extraordinary cathedral above the clouds) and you’ll find yourself moving through a shower of cherry blossoms as you explore.

ChouChou (moderate)

The third region is their music laboratory – a wonderous combination of minimalist and stark beauty.  If you miss the famous “Cinematic HUD” at the beginning of your journey you will have more opportunities to pick one up and experiment with it.

Set your view distance up to 512, enable the media, let the region define your windlight and just immerse yourself in this experience.  If you’d like a taste of what you’ll enjoy, this is one of their recent videos.  Welcome back ChouChou!

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