For the Undead Amongst Us, Living Beyond Death in Second Life

Isiris Mausoleum (moderate)

I saw this photo↑ by LookatmyBack and thought the place looked interesting and would be a nice counterpoint to yesterday’s study in lilac. :)  Grand mausoleums have intrigued me since I first read of the one at Halicarnassus↑ (which is one of the 7 ancient wonders of the physical world).  That structure was built as a resting place for Mausolus and his wife (who was also his sister but we won’t go into that) and is the origin of the name we give to these tombs.

I was, admittedly, half asleep so my expectations were perhaps a bit naive but I did think I was heading to something “archeological” in nature.  sigh  I compounded this mistake by going in the middle of the night.

Isiris Mausoleum (moderate)

There are many places I avoid visiting on the grid.  I have my biases like everybody else and visiting locations that hit all my hot buttons would result in a blog full of insane ranting and raving and less than polite language.  I don’t seek out other destinations because of my own weaknesses – one of those is a lack of interest in being frightened.

Having arrived at a build which is not only spooky but has a music stream designed to heighten the drama and tension I decided to steel my nerves and persevere.  I’ll be seeking out rose coloured mushrooms and butterflies for recovery purposes.

Isiris Mausoleum (moderate)

I’m not familiar with Isiris however I can tell you he must have had a very healthy ego.  This is one giant, intricate and ornate build for anybody’s afterlife.  The throne room and the library are good indications that he intended to be particularly active wherever he thought he was going.  He also seems to have been a trifle bloodthirsty.  There are a pair of andirons that I swear should be in their own graves somewhere.

You can tell you’re in some kind of alternate reality – walls and floors don’t always obey the laws of our physics and I’m convinced that some disembodied sentience is lurking within.

Isiris Mausoleum (moderate)

Insky Jedburgh↑ was given the responsibility of creating this permanent “resting” place.  Either Isiris forgot a few clauses in the construction contract or he neglected to pay Insky because you can buy your own copy of this “tomb”.  I would warn you though that I think the original owner comes with it.

So if you are one of those Second Life residents who lives a nocturnal life, feeds on the blood of virgins and/or just likes the idea of living in a grand, albeit, dark style I suggest you check out Isiris Mausoleum↑.  I’m going to go look for those butterflies.

Isiris Mausoleum (moderate)
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  1. “a blog full of insane ranting and raving and less than polite language”

    Can I use this in my advertising?



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