Aequitas, Contribute to the Art in Second Life

Aequitas (moderate)

Let me start by making something perfectly clear.  All of these photos were taken using region default windlight settings and no shadows.  I will not accept any accusations of going all “photo bitch”.  :)

LEA26 is hosting Aequitas’ Field of View↑.  I’ve been watching the build develop for a while and was very curious to see where it was going.  Of course I missed the opening↑, however there’s enough information available for you to not only visit this installation and appreciate it but also participate.

Aequitas (moderate)

Aequitas is the name of a group (collective?) of artists.  The name comes from the latin for “equality, symmetry and fairness between individuals” and the artists operate under the single identity↑ to ensure the focus is on the art not the creator, “to remain outside the cult of personality”.

This installation requires your participation to bring it to life.   The premise is, to me anyway, negative.  As it’s explained on the LEA blog↑ Aequitas senses a decline in the art communities of both Second Life and the world in general.  The “reduced content stream” has resulted in decay and the bright promise of the amusements has faded and is disappearing.  Artists must respond to these situations and the intent is to have all of us get involved by contributing our own textures to the piece.

Aequitas (moderate)

The invitation from the artists is open:

We hope you will participate by placing a gently used texture in one of the boxes in the center of the sim. Your texture will de displayed with others in an ever changing kaleidescope of Second Life.

Go ahead and add a couple if you wish. A picture of you, your avatar, your home, your workspace, pets, statements, prayers, testimonials.

Enjoy the shift in perception that takes place upon seeing our creative output in relation to others.

In order to contribute, you descend (following the path of pylons works if the location isn’t immediately obvious) beneath the surface of the water, find a box needing your image and (holding the control key) drag one of the textures in your inventory onto the cube.

Aequitas (moderate)

You can view the results of resident participation as the images appear on the surface and see slices of Second Life on the bobbing boxes.  I believe it’s permissible to change the windlight so the images are clearer to you. :)

It’s a beautiful build.  The ability to participate is always welcome and the idea that your contribution becomes part of the art work is exciting.  The fact that you are also reversing the “decline of the art community” is a very satisfying reward.

Aequitas (moderate)
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  1. Thanks for this post. The exhibit looks interesting and need to get over there to have a look.

    I am frankly stunned by the assertions in the LEA blog post you link to here. I have so many thoughts but I don’t even know what to say to the negativity in there. Its disappointing.


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