Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Confronts a Career Crisis in Second Life

Rustic Goblin World (moderate)

One of the truisms of recent times was the realization that (most) people want to do “worthwhile work”.  We’d like to think what we do matters.  Sometimes we know it really doesn’t but we persevere to ensure food and shelter are provided, etc.  For the lucky ones they know their efforts are “worthwhile”.

The Intrepid Explorer has always felt that she was doing something at least marginally worthwhile trying to share new regions/places/art/stuff.  But maybe that is a limited career.  Maybe she is deluded in thinking that she’s incapable of keeping up with all the new arrivals/builds/stuff on the grid.  Perhaps there just isn’t that much and she’s about to hit a wall.

Entropia (moderate)

Many things might spark a career crisis.  In the case of the Intrepid Explorer it was a comment by the God of SL Blogging.  Hamlet shared the information↑ (you might have heard already) that Chouchou’s Immersive Music Regions have returned.  This is great news and something you should experience.

In the brief post he also said something which caused our Heroine much dismay: “Emerald Wynn asked me, “Hamlet, could you please start a feature called ‘Sim Birthwatch’ about new sims? Just to counter the sad morbidity of [Sim Deathwatch]?” I’m not sure there’s enough new sims to justify a feature like that …”

Park Circle (moderate)

Is it possible?  Has Hamlet actually seen the edge of the grid? (I assume it’s flat.)  The Intrepid One is just a small blogger and certainly isn’t going to argue with somebody who gets thousands of readers everyday.  Perhaps then, she decided, it was necessary to define “new” for the purposes of her own job duties.

She spent an hour this morning visiting 5 new locations.  New sims, new-to-her destinations and new builds on “old” regions.  A cool new store↑ devoted to Goblins,  DB Bailey’s new gallery↑, even a Country Club with a beautiful Park↑.

Ant Island (moderate)

Cymbal Constantine and Merillion Vyper have created a post-apocalyptic world↑ where Ants rule but, even though the date on the region is only a couple of months old, it probably is second or third hand and so it’s not new.

The truth, realized our Intrepid One, is that Hamlet’s view that a deathwatch is much more “worthwhile” and easier to do means that her career is limited.  She will run out of “new”.  She has booked an appointment with a career counsellor.

Who knows, a whole new future might await our Explorer. First, though,  she’s going to do a vision quest in a 12 region Winter Festival↑ she had never heard of.

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  1. New career?

    Maybe a physical trainer, helping virtual athletes build up their calf muscles?


  2. Perhaps your new career should be as a guide for those blog writers who seem to spend woefully little time actually exploring in Second Life.

  3. When I saw the “Sim Birthwatch” comment I thought “What a marvelous idea!” then worried over the logistics. For example, the normally tight-lipped Lindens would have to tell someone that a new region was born. Then contact information would have to be traded and schedules meshed so the region could be visited when it was ready and then … *sigh* Sounds complicated.

    Your blog is wonderful as it is. Simply wandering is a career in its own right. If my travels were organized they’d be far less fun. Grab an road on the mainland or open the Map and double-click at random. Let life surprise you!

  4. ahuva18

     /  February 16, 2012

    Gloom. The world is ending. Doom. There is no future. The End. THE SKY IS FALLING!!!! oh, wow – I bet there’s a Chicken Little sim….. no? hey – I bet I could BUILD a NEW sim – The Sky is Falling sim…../me goes off to plan and build. And that, m’dear, is how new sims are built. *grin* I don’t think you need to worry just yet, Oh Intrepid One.

  5. I suppose you could say that every few months the LEA sims are effectively new. Then again, every few months they’re effectively dead too. Zen, I guess. Wonder how long that (or they) will last….

    In the meantime, you could periodically get blotto so your short-term memory is erased, and then lots of sims will be new!

  6. Its very easy to run around with a sign declaring:

    “FALLEN, FALLEN is BAbYloN!!! Repent SINNERS, for the END is nigh!”
    (just such a sign used to sit across the street from the end of one of the cable car lines in San Francisco for the duration of the 90s.)

    Its a lot harder to hold up the sign that says “things ain’t so bad, look at all the good in the world.”

  7. If you haven’t been there, then its new to you. Keep doing what you do, Honour …you make Second Life shine.


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