A Quick Look at Hazardous in Second Life

Hazardous (moderate)

The greatest danger to me visiting Hazardous↑ is that I’ll get lost there for hours just changing windlight and seeing the magic unfold. :)

This is one of those regions set up for photographers – in fact, if you ask permission they’ll give you rezzing rights for props.  It’s a gorgeous opportunity to set up your virtual tripod and experiment.

Hazardous (moderate)

I deliberately didn’t look at PJ’s set↑ before I went – that would have discouraged me.  Dang that guy can take photos!

I keep muttering to myself about practicing more and getting better and every now and then I see mention of a photo hunt.  I finally found something that explains it on Gridjumper’s blog↑  – so I’ll try and make it there tonight.

Hazardous (moderate)

I’m operating under more than my usual handicaps today (you know, high ambition/no patience/few skills) due to lack of sleep.  I was exhausted yesterday and looked forward to 12 hours of unconscious bliss.

They stuck a monitor on me which shouldn’t interfere with anything but, just my luck, I’m allergic to the adhesive they used so I spent all night preventing myself from ripping it off. Be glad you couldn’t hear the language I was using. :)

Hazardous (moderate)

Visiting Hazardous↑ made me feel much better though.  Play the music stream – it’s haunting and lovely and it helps the visuals bring a sense of calm and contentment.

These pictures were taken very quickly (and it shows) but it’s the fault of the sim owners.  They gave me a chance to take a nap. *grin*

Hazardous (moderate)
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