A Valentine for Second Life (& Others)

Tyrehl  Byk’s  Catharsis

Yes, I’m going to get a little personal and a little mushy today (so stop reading if you have a weak stomach).  I couldn’t think of the right photos to take to distract you from the babbling in this post and decided to go back to some of my favourite moments from the recent past instead.  They remind me of some of the reasons I love this world.

Technology is a pain in the rear most days.  It never works quite the way we want it to but, much like the car in Shibumi↑, it persists.  And, again much like that car, in spite of hammering and invective and prophesies of doom and death, the grid lives on.  I am so thankful it does.

Haveit  Neox’s  2nd Libations

There are many reasons people seek out the virtual world.  It’s a democratic (mostly) outlet for creativity and personal expression.  It’s a way for those with physical, emotional or psychological barriers in the physical world to interact on an equal footing with individuals from around the globe.  It’s an arena for big and small ideas and it provides the tools we need to realize dreams.  It’s also the largest shopping mall in the universe and for shoe addicts that’s important.

I am one of many caregivers in the physical realm who has responsibilities at home that make it impossible or impractical to live a life I might otherwise wish or choose.  The fact that this life is available means I can exercise my brain and grow and learn and laugh when I might instead be feeling dormant and resentful.  I hate to imagine what kind of shape I’d be in after 14 years of “restrictions” if I didn’t have the freedom of the metaverse and the ability to exploit what Second Life offers.

Claudia222  Jewell’s  Spirit

Of course one of the great joys about this world centers around the people you meet.  I am rich in people.  Some have taught me, many have inspired me, a few have aggravated me and a couple have hurt me.  Most of those in my virtual life have shown me caring and brought me laughter and fun and moments I treasure.

I consider a number of individuals, from thousands of physical miles away, true friends.  I know they care, they have my back, they are there if I need them for sharing or support or just insane moments of foolishness.  That defines friendship in my mind.  It doesn’t matter if what I’m looking at is pixels – the hearts and minds of those I love are simply transmitted through the computer much like their voices would be over the phone.

Xaan  Allen’s  Celestial  Abstractions

One of the greatest gifts Second Life has given me is the chance to know a young man from the other side of the world.  Our friendship raised a number of pixel eyebrows until the day he called me “Mom” and then everything clicked into place.  If the virtual world had offered me nothing else I would still be content.  The “son I’ll never have” is smart, stubborn, kind, obnoxious, talented, nagging, ambitious and trouble.  I love him and I’m proud of him every day.

So for the tools it gives me, the opportunities it offers, the people I’ve met and the wonders I’ve seen, this grateful celebratory gush is for Second Life.  Happy Valentine’s Day to us all!

XIV  Evanesce
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  1. Lyrilen Moonshadow

     /  February 14, 2012

    Very beautiful Honour. Thank you for sharing – today and every day.

    With Friendly Affection,
    Lyrilen Moonshadow

  2. /me glomphs onto you and hugs you to pieces. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. yay /me squeezes you tight!

  4. Thank-you, Honour! This is such a beautiful description of the reasons we love Second Life. belated Valentine wishes.

  5. Reblogged this on Caledon: possessed of character and commented:
    The ever erudite Honour McMillan puts words to the feeling of falling in love with the SL Grid. Oh, and some great pics and SLURL links.


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