A Double Scoop of Art in Second Life

Harter Fall (general)

I’ve been waiting to post about the activity on LEA16 until I thought it was ready for us and now it is.  Two destinations share this region and both will reward you for your time.

If you go to visit the work of Harter Fall↑ you will find that the multiversal Monks of the Order Of Perception have transferred one of their temples to our grid.  It’s perfectly situated in a garden full of sculpture and, what has to be considered, alien plant life and gives you a sense of peace and serenity.

Harter Fall (general)

Inside the space is large enough that you can not only see and feel the great expanse but also hear it.  You will hear a few other sounds as well because the monks are still installing portals for us to use to glimpse “fascinating unfolded dimensions, different laws of nature and strange lifeforms of the multiverse”.  Their construction schedule will provide us with a new portal every week but in the meantime (in addition to the portal there now) the real attraction to me is the multi-species work crew.

I never did find a way to communicate with the monks or with their workers but they were patient and allowed me to look over their shoulders and poke at their building tools.

Harter Fall (general)

There are obviously many many life forms in the multiverse and a good number of them are into building and design (much like ours) and they do a wonderful job.  They are also a great example of the ability of different species to work in harmony.  I don’t want to draw too many conclusions from my observations but it’s possible that different types of beings have evolved for specific types of tasks.  I didn’t see the owls doing any manual labour, and the monks appear to do little but supervise, but the blue guys are working very hard.

Rag Randt (general)

If you see their Temple and garden as a way to learn about the vastness around us and help us explore the multiverse without actually leaving the grid then I think the Monks share this island with the perfect partner.  A child uses his/her imagination to explore the world and next door to the Temple is an Interactive Children’s Book by Rag Randt↑ which allows all of us to do just that.

Rag took a phrase uttered by his young niece and created a fabulous and delightful world.  His demonstration of 3D storytelling is magical and convincing ( you will find yourself trying to persuade the young child not to climb over the railing to pursue the dinosaur).

Rag Randt (general)

Rag’s niece has been gifted with a wealth of adventures and everywhere you go or turn you’ll find something new and special to explore.  The giant swing/slide, a mini animal circus and the coolest playhouse I’ve ever seen are just a few of the wonders provided.

This build would provide a great backdrop for the creation of an almost unlimited number of stories and as a playground for young and old minds it is superb.

Both of these artist have a quirky sense of humour and the ability to realize large and complex visions with the rest of us.  You need to go experience both halves of this new LEA offering.

One last note.  I suspect that this little girl really likes ice cream. :)

Rag Randt (general)
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