“You Choose” in Second Life

You Choose (moderate)

I’m about four exhibits behind where I planned to be by now – there’s a lot going on – but I will catch up!  Today, allow me to give you a glimpse into an adventure that thrilled me for hours last night.  Two of my favourite artists (Romy Nayar↑ & Ux Hax↑) have created a wonderfully strange and compelling journey on LEA6↑ called You Choose↑.

Think of it as a game – much like life.  You will be confronted with choices and the ones you make will determine the path you follow and the options available to you further down that road.

You Choose (moderate)

You will make your way from the landing spot using the only obvious route you can take – and yes your feet will get wet.  You will encounter the charming robot in the top pic and not only get a notecard but that delightful avatar as a gift (I love these women).  From there you will enter the most extraordinary construction zone I’ve ever seen – it’s worth a lot of time paying attention to all the details as you make your way to the heart of the adventure that awaits.

Once you have navigated what the robot crew are working so hard to complete you will be able to teleport to your destiny.  But there’s a catch.  Much like a well known Alice you will be confronted with a choice to make.  In your case it won’t be between bottles of mysterious liquid but each of the alternatives will take you on a completely different trail – and each of those trails will have branches and more decisions must be made.

There are a variety of characters intersecting your path – I wound up working a full shift in this guy’s office.  He’s not somebody you want to argue with.

You Choose (moderate)

The artists have made some recommendations for you to help ensure your experience is the best it can be.

  • Use the Region Default Windlight setting.
  • Use the game’s teleport to follow the game properly (in other words, don’t cheat!)
  • Keep your view distance way down and don’t cam out.
  • Do not fly.
  • Enable sounds.

Once you have completed a path you can start again and make different choices and experience a different journey (which is one of the reasons I was there for hours).

Sometimes the choice you make winds up being less than optimal.

You Choose (moderate)

When I saw the first robot avatar gift I knew I was going to love this build.  In fact I sent a photo to Crap↑ with some giddy blathering and he came to join the journey.  Our paths soon diverged but we passed each other in the bizarre world a few times.  I also encountered Lady Victoria↑ and we managed to stay in touch through im as we navigated our way.  It’s a strange feeling to share part of this life’s journey with someone and then lose touch – only to be surprised by them in a completely different environment.  Much like our other lives no? :)

This is a beautiful work by two very special artists.  It’s also a great deal of fun.  I really really wish I had the kind of mind that could imagine something like this and then use a huge amount of talent and skill to make it “real”.

One last note.  Although not all choices take you somewhere you’d like to be, it is always possible to start again.  Unlike life as we know it in the physical or even virtual you can “undo” and wind up somewhere you might prefer.

You Choose (moderate)
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  1. Hello :]
    Cool Post Honour Thanx :]

  2. Cate Storymoon

     /  February 7, 2012

    I need to go back again. And of course, I love the build, but I regretted my choice I made at the destiny table. (chuckling as I type). I’m not prone to regret IRL. I’m going back to try all the choices, and try different paths to my destiny. I missed a lot.

    All that said I had an interesting and powerful visceral response to being there. My stomach started to hurt and didn’t stop ’til I TPed back Home. Something going on there. Fodder for my therapy appointment this week I think. Ha!

    Thanks again for the “find”, Honour! Sending light and hugz! ;-)

  3. Cate Storymoon

     /  February 7, 2012

    There’s an “undo” button? o m g!


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