The Amazing & Sublime Celestial Abstraction in Second Life

I walked through a doorway and into what seemed to be an underwater world,  home to a stylized school of fish.  It was beautiful.  The red forest I had experienced earlier had made a huge impact, and I would have been content with that, but this was captivating.

I lost count of the number of rooms and the number of artworks I entered and passed through.  What I did not lose was the hope that this experience would just keep going.  I really didn’t want to reach the end except that I also wanted to start all over again.

The teleport sign says “The Big Blue Abstraction” but another translation from the italian La Grande Astrazione Celeste would be The Great Celestial Abstraction↑.  Whatever you prefer to call it, in whatever language, this is a superb and sublime exhibition that will entrance and delight.

MiC↑ is hosting a virtual 3d tribute to a physical exhibit honouring modern Chinese Art from the Macro Museum in Testaccio↑ by Merlino Mayo (SL avatar Xaan Allen)↑.  Each of the artists is identified, the art work previewed and then you have the extraordinary honour of entering into, experiencing and exploring what – to the physical world – is  a two dimensional work.  Many of the works involve movement and change – a 2d work might be static, these are not.

I know I am always saying how much I like whatever it is I’m sharing with you in these posts.  That’s because I don’t include destinations or art works that don’t appeal to me.  I recently visited a large new exhibit and my reaction was “meh” and I would have found it very difficult to be enthusiastic.  This one is so good and brings such a lot of joy that I’m struggling to be factual without sounding like a paid commercial.

I can’t tell anybody how to interpret these works.  It might not be a school of fish or a forest.  But their power and beauty drew those reactions from me and if I’ve misinterpreted the artist at least I can confirm these pieces are so superb that they create a very strong visual and emotional impact.

We have been graced with other exhibitions allowing us to enter into and explore physical world works of art.  I’ve enjoyed them but I’ve never before had the sense that I’ve entered the artists’ intent.  I’ve also never felt that I needed many visits just to try and experience as much as possible before the exhibit disappears.

Xaan Allen has brought us something very very special and done it with a great deal of love and respect and talent.  Each of the artists would (I hope) be pleased with the result.  On a personal note, the piece by Li Huasheng↑ is mesmerizing and the way it forms and un-forms left me standing there in awe for so long I was late to a meeting.  Trying to explain my absence required words I don’t have – maybe you’ll find the vocabulary I lack.

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  1. tommpimm

     /  February 3, 2012

    the best thing I have seen for months in SL. Absolute a must see. Thank You for pointing me in this direction. I am a fan of your blog. Keep doing a great job

  2. Great Post! This show is still visible and people who went there often came back to complete long visits.. Thank you so much Honour

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