When Vegetables get Annoyed in Second Life

I’ll begin this post with my understanding that MadPea↑ is not leaving the grid.  That great source of intricate and immersive games will still continue to entertain and educate us but they are, I think, “resizing”.  If you visit one of their regions↑ you’ll see some really aggravated vegetables and a note that the sim will disappear “any time now”.

Unless you’re one of those with a horror of  chlorophyll you might want to go see what happens when you annoy the good stuff on your dinner plate.

I don’t want to offend the plant world so I won’t say that this is the oddest collection of enraged giant legumes I’ve ever encountered.  Of course I don’t think I’ve had any other opportunities to meet large psychopathic salad ingredients.

They do try to show their fun side.  You will notice pumpkins here and there and if you smash them you could get hunt gifts.  In many cases though, you just get smashed pumpkin.  Well they’re in a bad mood so they aren’t going to make it easy.

There is great diversity in the world of produce – colour, intelligence and function vary widely.  In fact, apart from their temper, they do provide a wide range of choice.  I understand they can offer great flavour as well but you’re braver than I if you attempt to taste one of them.

I admit I was surprised at the number of activities they pursue when not being considered part of our menu – the rage many are experiencing though is not well hidden.  There’s a bit of bacon that is going to regret dissing one of the tubers.

Think of this as a chance to witness an edible version of Occupy the Farm with gifts.  I didn’t actually witness any of the herbaceous residents attack a visitor.  I truly believe it’s safe for you to play tourist in their world – although carrying some plant food to scatter around might be wise.

There are often political and or anger-induced events inworld.  This one↑ just happens to involve over-sized products from the kitchen garden.

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  1. Thank you Honour for this great post. We all go mad sometimes.. even the vegetables..

  2. I love Mad Pea …thanks for the charming post.

  1. Honours by Honour |
  2. Honours by Honour - MadPea Productions

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