Dancing on a Cactus with Banana Sprocket Boobs in Second Life

Le Cactus (moderate)

pssssst  Over here ……. You look like a fun, trustworthy type so I’m going to tell you a secret.  There’s a little hole in the wall in Montmartre↑ where you can get your dancing clothes and music HUD and an invitation to the swingingest, jazziest, most off-the-wall fabulous party on the grid.

You look doubtful.  Don’t be.  Trust me, if you do what I say you’ll get to travel back in time to the era of Josephine Baker, Valaida Snow, Jacques Dutronc and those sexy ladies wearing furniture and fruit that I know you want to experience.  Just assemble your party outfit and head on over to Le Cactus↑ for the party nobody wants to miss.

Le Cactus (moderate)

Your hostess is that amazing artist Maya Paris↑ (she’s on the left in the photo above).  Maya makes everything fun (have you seen Veparella↑?) and enjoys herself while she entertains us (I met up with her last night, which was 3:30 am her time, and she’d been dancing for hours).  Her shows always include costumes and accessories and this one, at both Virtual Montmartre↑ and SBCC↑,  is a bonanza of inventory.

You’ll want to arrive in the party mood so use that hole-in-the-wall at the Casino de Paris, Montmartre↑ to get in costume – you’ll find more options at the party.  Part of the fun is changing your look so I used the invisible avatar to spare my own blushes. :)

Le Cactus (moderate)

Almost everything is clickable and you can dance on the furniture and the cactus and even a banana split (dressed as a banana split).  Bring out your inner Josephine/Valaida/Jacques – try a cocktail (you can swim in a glass, we had trouble with one woman but I’m sure they fished her out eventually).

You know that old joke about the difference between erotic and kinky?  Erotic is using a feather to stimulate your partner, kinky is using the whole chicken.  This party will let you explore the kink of bananas – there’s one with whipped cream and cherries that featured prominently in my dreams.

Le Cactus (moderate)

Le Cactus↑ is all about music and fun and atmosphere and good times.  It’s about a time and place and feeling and wearing a lampshade on your head and dancing on a cactus with vinyl records swirling around you.  You don’t have to believe me of course.  Maya explains it↑ much better than I.

Go enjoy yourself!  Grab those costumes and accessories – listen to the music of an era long before your time, learn something about these musicians while you party with your friends.  Glimpse the life of these fabulous characters and get your own banana sprocket boobs.  These are mine.

Le Cactus (moderate)
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  1. What fun! I always enjoy your posts and photos, and for some reason this one struck me just right tonight. I love the color, kinkiness, and humor. Thanks for giving me a great big smile :^).


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