A Feast of Forest & Garden in Second Life

Forest Feast (moderate)

Not a lot of words today (aren’t you lucky) but a couple (I hope) of pretty pictures.  I have forests and flowers on the brain as I try and coax spring onto the sim and when I saw this photo↑ I had to go look.

Forest Feast (moderate)

I landed on Feast↑ at midnight and liked it so you’ll have to visit yourself to see the region in the daylight.  There are gardens and forest areas and interesting architecture (holding shops full of fantasy creations).

Forest Feast (moderate)

Miki Morigi↑ is a talented creator and landscaper and she’s included lots of hidden spots for lovers including Un Jardin d’Amants. You’re encouraged to take somebody with you, I had my invisible friend. :)

Forest Feast (moderate)

Feast↑ offers many camera opportunities as well as locations for shopping and cuddling.  It deserves a place on your itinerary.

Forest Feast (moderate)
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  1. Ooooh I like the overlapping flowers and plants…fullbright/glow can be a bit annoying, but I need to check out where they got those and see if they can be modded and mellowed a bit.



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