Dreams & Nightmares & Dragons & Robbie Burns in Second Life

This is the week of Chinese New Year↑ and the day we celebrate Robbie Burns↑ so to me it’s a time of reflection and parties and traditions.  It seemed appropriate, given the nature of the virtual world, to visit a location called LODON Land of Dreams or Nightmares↑.

This is a sim full of movement and colour and, if you prefer, spots of quiet and tranquility.  Lea Supermarine↑ uses it to showcase her wide range of creations and almost everything you see is for sale.  You can if you prefer simply think of it as a destination for exploration alone or with a loved one – there is a lot to discover and enjoy.

I’ve talked before about Sartre’s↑ contention that we are each other’s hell↑.  Our power to affect those around us was recently brought home to me  once again.  There is a reverse side to this aspect of our attempts to share any worlds – treating each other with respect seems a better choice for ourselves as well as those we meet in life.

And that brings me back to both the Year of the Dragon↑ and Robbie.  As a side note, I mentioned last year↑ that locally we combine these celebrations.  I might be a little quiet tomorrow. :)

Any beginning milestone is a good time to re-evaluate our actions and decisions.  Using a touchstone to measure ourselves is not a bad idea and, although admittedly I’m biased, Robbie Burns had a lot of smart things to say about how we treat those around us.  You don’t have to be a Scot to take his message to heart.

I’m not focusing today on what others have done “to me”.  I instead force myself to consider what I might have done that does not make me proud.  I apologize to all I may have treated with indifference or seemingly callous cruelty.  I promise to continue my attempts to eliminate my own moments of cowardice and be the person I’d like to think I am.

It would be nice to think we could get everything we want in this life.  Ha! I’ll just work on my own approach to the vagaries of fate and the decisions of others.  It’s only me I see in that mirror and I’d like to be satisfied with the reflection in front of me.

I posted this video last year and I know the language might be opaque.  If you’d like to read the words↑ that link will also give you a glossary of some of the more troublesome vocabulary.   I enjoy this version of one of my favourite of Robbie’s works so I’m repeating it on this anniversary of his birth.  I’ll stop reflecting now and go find my kilt. Gung Haggis Fat Choy!

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