Black & White are not Plain in Second Life

It’s that time again to go see what’s new at Per4mance MetaLES↑ and this is another exhibition you really want to visit.  Fuschia Nightfire↑ has painted a sim in black & white & grey and proves it’s not plain or uninteresting.

To add to your enjoyment she offers free skins and special outfits and animations to allow you to become part of the work around you.  (Note:  My pleasure is not based solely on the fact that the skins are grey.  Really!)  If you’ve ever imagined yourself as a ballet dancer this is your opportunity to live that fantasy.

You begin inside a mountain and fling yourself down a hole.  Or start outside and walk through one of the tunnels that crawl through this landscape.  Whichever route you take you will find shades of “uncolour” you never imagined and the beauty to be had in (what amounts to) a grey-scale world.

There are sculptures and vignettes and private places for couples to hold on to each other.  It’s a lovely, soothing and special build.

I’m only giving you teaser shots of the region this month – I think the impact of the whole is so special you should experience it for yourself.

Fuschia has created a deceptively minimalist looking landscape and you could stay on the path but she recommends that you wander into what lies beside it so you don’t miss anything.  You might try following one of the denizens of this creation – I did and survived.

There is a video↑ of this installation you might enjoy but nothing will equal first hand experience.  I met a brand new resident at the starting point and we spent some time going through basics before he took the plunge into that black hole.  Seeing this art is a wonderful way to be introduced to the power and potential that is the grid.

I hope you get a chance to see Not Everything is Plain B&W↑.  I have yet to be disappointed by an installation hosted at Per4mance MetaLES.  This is a great place to spend some time – even if you don’t want to dance. :)

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  1. Cate Storymoon

     /  January 23, 2012

    Fantastic, Honour… thank you one more time for your photos, impressions, and for the taxi! I’m just back, and still in my white skin, hair and barbed-wire tutu. I *was* a dancer, went up en pointe for the first time as an adult. Not certainly what Fuschia’s art was about I imagine, but still. I lingered long everywhere. Sat upon one of those most amazing zebra. Took a lot of snaps for my scrapbook.

    Fuschia was there and we spoke briefly I told her I found Black & White because of your blog. She said she spoke of with you just today. She gave me this URL to a machinima here: She was so friendly, even after I gushed in local chat: “Oh look!!! There’s the artist! Fuschia, I *love* your work!!” :*)

    Hugs from one of your Constant Readers,
    Cate, the albino prima ballerina

  2. Cate Storymoon

     /  January 23, 2012

    Once you’ve worn pointe shoes a little barbed-wire is NOTHING! hehe ;-)

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