Petrovsky, Projects & Hungry Mouths to Feed in Second Life

Petrovsky Flux (moderate)

I received a note over night from Eupa↑ reminding me to go see Petrovsky Flux↑ (if I hadn’t).  My first thought was “Yay it’s still there!”.  My second was “Wait, there are people who haven’t seen this?”  I suspect that most of us who have been there take it for granted and don’t talk about it much these days.  So for those of you who have never been – You.  Must. See. This. Exhibit.

Hosted by the Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas↑, this creation by blotto Epsilon↑ and Cutea Benelli↑ has all of the “wow” factor you could hope for and is a wonderful place to get lost in movement and wonder.  There is some risk attached so if you’re nervous you can park on this couch and watch from a distance.  For those more daring there are helmets available.  This once “beware of falling objects” is a concern you should really take to heart.

Petrovsky Flux (moderate)

Revisiting Petrovsky↑ was a nice break for me this morning, I’ve been finishing up the third project of the month and have been totally consumed by it.  The last bit involves taking dozens of HUGE photos – which is fun but my computer will allow only one at a time.  It insists I relog (or crash, same dif) between each so this is a very lengthy and frustrating process.

Crap↑ tweeted yesterday that he was having luck with the new Dev Viewer↑ so I thought I’d try it.  So far it looks very hopeful – I managed two of the pics in a row without freezing or having my desktop suddenly appear.  Of course if my computer explodes I’ll put the robot through the garbage disposal.  The good news is that he makes cool noises as he’s chopped up, the bad is that he keeps coming back.

Petrovsky Flux (moderate)

I like working on projects – having a beginning, middle and end is very satisfying.  Particularly when I get paid for doing them.  :)  This has become more critical lately and that’s the fault of my “son”.

I have always avoided the “breedable” trap inworld.  I know myself and I know I anthropomorphize and can get a teensy bit obsessive.  Jef decided to enter the world of the “horse” and I thought I was safe – I could watch from a distance.  Then he gave me one and I was sunk.  I have a few mouths to feed (but omg they’re adorable) and so I really need to get my work done.  For the near future, at least, these beasts will not be self supporting.

Petrovsky Flux (moderate)

Go see this amazing demonstration of all the things I love about this world.  I haven’t given you a detailed description I know – I think this is one of those explorations that you should do without a lot of preparation.  Venture forth and see one of the treasures of the grid.

I’ll head back inworld to spend the day talking sweetly to my computer and taking pics. Mama has to put some food in the paddock for those babies.

Petrovsky Flux (moderate)
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  1. “I’ll put the robot through the garbage disposal”

    Valentine’s Day comes early in Canada?


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