SOPA Bashing is a Human Rights Violation

A potentially rogue avatar contemplates the issue.

From the distance provided by a completely arbitrary virtual line drawn on a map, the politics of the country to my south are fascinating – if at times terrifying.  The seemingly endless political campaigns always highlight issues that may have been previously overlooked while at the same time the governmental processes continue to move along with, what I assume, is a sincere attempt to keep the free world (as embodied within the confines of said nation) safe and prosperous.

Two different topics have recently connected in this admittedly simple brain.  The first was revealed to me in one of those eureka moments that the potential world leaders continually produce during their travels to gain support from the electorate.  This was the revelation that, of course, Corporations are People Too↑.  How simple a concept and yet one that has been almost entirely neglected (although the highest court seems to agree↑) by the rest of us, smug and comforted by our own enfranchisement.

As people, Corporations must have the same basic human rights as the rest of us.  Of course it might be easier to accomplish if we give them avatars but let’s not get lost in the minutae of the issue.  In light of the other topic to which I will refer in a moment, I direct your attention to Article 27, paragraph 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights↑.  To wit:

  • (2) Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.

Yes I know I’m referring to a country which has already given itself permission to violate Article 5 and Article 9 and – well we’ll just stop there.  As legal entities separate and distinct from their owners our Corporate cousins don’t actually “author” anything themselves but they hold title to stuff right?  Let us consider the situation today as a great way to start the process of affording these “people” if not all the human rights everyone should enjoy at least the full privileges the rest of us can claim (of course they could show good faith by paying their damn taxes, but I digress).

Now keep that principle in mind as I draw your attention to two bills currently under consideration/review in the Senate and Congress of my neighbour’s government.   The Stop Online Piracy Act↑ (SOPA) and The Protect IP Act↑ (PIPA) have been written to protect these people from the altogether outrageous behaviour of rogue foreigners↑ (I’m sure they’re not referring to me).

You’d think in this day and age that both the recognition of the humanity of previously considered “soul-less” corporate entities and legislative attempts to protect their interests would be applauded unanimously.  I regret to say that this is not the case.

Apparently overlooking the bigger issue, many organizations and individuals (and yes other Corporate humans)↑ have come out against these bills.  Sure there are a few teensy tiny little problems but no revolutions are perfect.

  • Some argue that the law makers don’t actually understand the internet and will break↑ it.  (pffft there’s always collateral damage right?)
  • Some argue that the acts threaten free speech↑.  (It won’t affect our Corporate cousins though and that’s what’s important!)
  • Still others argue it is censorship↑.  (They say that like it’s a bad thing!)
  • One more argument that gets a lot of attention is that it will force more risky behaviour↑ on the part of the vast online community.  (I think we’ve all had our shots – we’re immune.)
  • Even in our own world there are concerns↑.  (I thought we were big on loving our fellow humans/furries/tinies/vampires/whatevers.)
  • The last straw as far as I was concerned was the altogether unnecessary whining of the Raging Grannies↑.  (What were they thinking?)

The campaign against these acts is, unfortunately, making some progress↑ and yet they are not letting up.  These subversive anti-humanists are calling for more voices↑ to add to↑ the hate on for bills designed to help our poor Corporate fellows.   In addition sites like Wikipedia, Reddit and Mozilla are going to inconvenience you tomorrow by going dark in protest.  The nerve!

I’m not a citizen of the great land to my south so I can’t do anything to support the human rights struggle underway.  I know that you, Dear Reader, should you reside there will be able to see the real issue and the righteous path to be followed.  I rely on your conscience and leave the fight in your hands.

I’ll just sit here and hope you do the right thing.
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  1. Cate Storymoon

     /  January 17, 2012

    There are *some* of us here South who’ve understood the implications of corporate personhood for decades. Unfortunately there are many, and too frigging many myriad more, who haven’t a clue– whose thoughts about Things Political never rise above the posed photos of candidates with their families (ah… see! our gonads work just fine! We’re just like YOU! Vote for us.) Crud, starting to cackle senselessly and so soon? Sigh. I remember in the 80s thinking oh. my. jeebus. Look what they’re doing while no one is looking!! (bites tongue and lips to keep from going on about the Ronnie Raygun years)

    There are “movements” … loose affiliations of folken … we don’t assemble, Occifer! who have called for the revocation of the charters of some of the criminal corporations. Said charters are state-issued, or were. (gibber, chortle, cackle) Sigh.

    Da djinn is outta da bottle about all this, and will not be stuffed back in without a metaphoric bloodbath, me thinks. And that it is *just* coming to a “more public light” is sad and scary all on its own, but also expected by those of *us* who have to whisper that we are a bit to the actual left of Things Libertarian. (those light-weights!) I used to share a by-line on a b-list political blog… we aspired to be The Dailly Kos after too many beers, but that’s another story. As serendipity would have its way with us often, I just came across the archives of our little blog this week… rereading grabbed me ’round the heart. Timely that my Inner Small-a Anarchist is yawning awake this morning to read the perspective from your Northern overlook.

    Were it not for my family I’d have gotten the hell outta Dodge a long time ago… sigh.

    (semi-maniacal tittering here)

    For the history buffs, this, The Santa Clara Blues:

    Bright blessings upon your head and heart Dear One.. ;-)

  2. Cate Storymoon

     /  January 17, 2012

    Yes I am, but it’s a closely-held secret (wink wink, nudge nudge). Shhh… don’t tell anybody! LOL

    The perverse Uni-Verse (The Is, The One Song, what’sinaname?) is messing with me big time today. Seems I’m supposed to pull my soapbox out of the closet one more time. After replying to you I ran out to pick-up prescription medication, which was NOT ready, and when ready was more than I had in my wallet… (and I don’t use credit cards) The two criminal corporate persons AKA medical insurance providers and big-phecking-pharma KNOW they can do whatever they please with impunity, however…

    the times they are a-changin’. I know this at the DNA-level of me. We all just need to strap on our helmets, keep our eyes and ears open, and our lovely ones safe from harm, eh?


  3. Hmmm…

    Are you really sure they are not referring to you?

  4. I suggest you read through Gwyn’s post:

    The problem is not protecting corporate rights. They deserve the same protect the rest of us do. The problem is about who will protect and how they will protect. The due process in copyright is to make charges, go to court and at least get a judge to agree with you, and then some action is taken. The SOPA and PIPA are about moving the cost of copyright prosecution from the one claiming to be wronged, to the tax payer. Also, one is guilty until they can prove their innocence. Things are backward and upside down.

    There are additional implications for politicians. Complaints can be filed and web sites and businesses closed based solely on the ‘charge’ of a violation. While it is unlikely a site like YouTube would be taken down it is highly likely they would be threatened with a closing unless all the complainant’s political opposition’s videos be taken down. With no due process it could be expensive and complicated to defend against the process.

    It may not matter of SOPA and PIPA are passed. The Obama administration has already begun enforcing the laws and has a major shut down.

    Those sites getting taken down have very little that is actual copyright infringement. But, they do have a massive amount of music and entertainment made by independents, those without contracts with the music and entertainment corporations. This is a slick move to eliminate competition and independent artists. Watch the wild eyed video on my blog. The guy seems nuts and typical conspiracy type nut. But, check out what he is saying.

    This is not a simple matter of protecting corporate rights. It is about giving more power to the government and taking away individuals’ rights.


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