You had me at Plaid in Second Life

Lloyd (moderate)

I know my memory isn’t what it used to be.  I’m almost certain I’ve visited Lloyd↑ before and enjoyed it but I know it didn’t look anything like it does today.

I have a lot of writing to do at the moment and I’m attempting to be disciplined about it however I couldn’t resist spending some time on this funky sim.  A plaid terrain is guaranteed to pique my interest and it was a lot of fun looking around. Combine that plaid with pink flamingos, a Pig Jesus and the kind of shops you just have to explore and the result is a really nice escape from grown up responsibilities.

Lloyd (moderate)

Of course my mind wandered.  It usually does.  I’m  trying to resolve some of the issues raised by various social networking features that keep popping up.  I have too many people on my Twitter list to actually read all the tweets so I try shortcuts (like search) to check in with many and see what they’re up to.

I know Twitter wants to encourage me to feel and behave like a stalker – why else would they have that new “activity” tab but honestly, do I really want to find out that some of the men I know actually follow those “twinkies in g-strings” that spam strangers?  How do I take these men seriously once I discover that?

Lloyd (moderate)

This of course leads back to the whole subject of privacy.  I used to teach ethics to management consultants (and yes that was like hitting oneself with a baseball bat in terms of pain).  In order to simplify things I would try and leave them with one thought – if they wouldn’t be happy seeing their actions on the front page of the newspaper for the whole world to know then don’t do it.

Given the impossibility of hiding actions or thoughts once you’ve put them out there on “teh interwebs” – try to edit yourself before you wind up having to explain yourself.

Lloyd (moderate)

Anyway, back to Lloyd↑.  In the center of the sim, near that snowman in the top pic, there are two poseballs.  Jump on one and you bend over with your back to the other.  Jump on the other and, although you look like you’re practicing the crane maneuver for a movie, you’re kicking their butt.

I amused myself for a period of time imagining certain individuals were using that other pose.  It was very cathartic.  :)

Lloyd (moderate)
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