A Second Life Treasure You Must Visit!

Do you remember the first time you saw the Greenies↑ or are you too “young” to know them?  You might immediately recall landing in that kitchen – or maybe an earlier encounter with the little guy on the beer can.  It’s possible to recapture and revisit those and other memories and, thanks to Uccie↑ that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

The darling woman sent me a note with a landmark saying there was a Zoo that I might enjoy visiting.  When I landed and saw I was on the mainland I wasn’t very excited – not that I have any objections to continents but it’s tough for me to work on the composition of photographs with all that stuff in the background.  Then things started to rez and, frankly, I don’t care how bad these pics are – this is someplace everybody needs to visit.

Simple Wunderlich↑  is a hoarder (among other things, see his website for more of his interests).  He has collected things that he likes around the grid for years and displays them in his Zoo of All Things↑.  It’s not all art – there are buildings and plants and animals and inworld games and crazy objects.  Some of you might still have Ordinal Malaprop’s↑ Grid Crash Protection Box from 2006 – if not, you’ll find it here.

In a world where marriages might last 3 weeks, something that was created 5 years ago can seem ancient.  We go through periods where people worry that our collective memories won’t be enough to preserve some of the classic history of this virtual world – Simple is doing a lot to address the problem and doing it quietly and with great passion.

They aren’t all “ancient” artifacts.  He continues to collect and display.  It’s an ongoing preservation of those things he likes and the good news is that, as long as he and his Zoo are around, some pieces of our history won’t be lost.

This is a huge place, with hundreds of things to look at.  For some of us many of the items will trigger memories – this means it takes time to try and see everything.  To help with navigating the region there is a darling chipmunk who will act as your tour guide if you wish.

Simple includes plaques identifying objects and their creators.  I kept clicking on object details to find the year of the build and thinking “OMG has it been that long?”.  In other cases I started making notes on current creations whose builders I need to seek out.  You’ll also find a lot of gifts and freebies making it possible to have some history in your inventory.

I only scratched the surface of what’s available but this is a place that deserves repeated visits and a much higher profile inworld.    Go visit the Zoo of All Things↑. I owe Uccie big time for letting me know that one resident’s obsession has resulted in a treasure that the rest of us can enjoy and should support.

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  1. Stephen Venkman

     /  January 13, 2012

    Thinks I found my fieldtrip for Sunday.. Thanks.

  2. Ooooh big baby panther!

  3. It’s a great idea. I just visited it and honestly before reading your post I had no idea someone was doing this.

    I too have objects dating back to 2004 but I have no place to display them. But this exhibit inspired me to go through my inventory and have a little exhibit of my own sometime.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. You are welcome :) Honestly, I didn’t expect a blog post out of it, merely hoping you’d enjoy some marvelous retro stuff mixed with the new. Wunderlich’s collection is a microcosm of the Mainland as a whole, and one of the reasons I prefer to explore there rather than focus on private sims: The amalgamation of tastes is a treat unto itself. It is interesting to look at the relatively recent sculptures by Lightwave and compare them almost side-by-side with the comparatively primitive (though groundbreaking) work from when he was Starax Statosky.

    I also find it amazing that folks can spread out across several swaths of mainland like Wunderlich does. As I told you in-world via IM, it must take an very interesting person to have the resources to do this. Probably once a month I find and estate nearly this big and nearly this interesting, though seldom as up-to-date and it is a joy to wander about. Certainly if I had sufficient land, big chunks of my 80,000+ item inventory would be set out in such a fashion.

    • It’s a museum and it’s wonderful. Again it’s not that I have anything against the mainland it’s just harder to take photos without capturing something I don’t want in the background. :)

  5. Thank you very much, I’m deeply flattered by this adulation, but you’re doing me too much honour McMillan ;-) In the end, I’m just a simple, wunderlich avatar, just one of many mainland dwellers who still thinks sl as a hobby worth the cost of a sim ;-)
    The Zoo as a place was almost building itself in the end, sometimes now I feel more like its caretaker than the creator …
    To me, the mainland as such has with the time of its existence become a lot of the character of a real world. There is a history to every place and creation and community now, and it is still a living thing, changing with its residents and mixing old and new. You are absolutely right, I believe and fear that we lose too many amazing creations undocumented and unadmired.
    I find a kind of an autistic, selfcentred tendency inworld. I for one can not understand why there are not more travelers en route and hope, my blog and my places will wake some desire to explore more of the wonders of the mainland. To me, each place and creation is a mirror of the observers memory and soul on the mirror of the creators dream, and so I just believe nobody qualified to tell apart art from junk inworld. All in all, it’s the wonderful, breathtaking amazing manifestation of our world, our imagination ;-)
    I assure you, there are a lot places like mine to find, I recommend anyone to just go out exploring, that’s what the trails and roads are for, you will find that ‘there’s treasure everywhere’ …

    • *hugs* You are doing a wonderful thing – and I agree on the exploration advice – I wish everybody spent more time seeing what wonders there are. :)

    • People should also note, Simple, as they travel your Zoo, that there it is more than just a collection. The aquarium, for example, is a wonderful little build.

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