A Brief Tour of the Orient in Second Life

I recently did an homage to a Samurai roleplaying sim↑ where nobody killed me – that’s a major event in my life of exploration.   Dmom↑ reminded me today that the region in question is actually part of a 4 sim family so I went back to share that information and some images from the other three islands.

Known as the Hosoi Ichiba Cluster, three of the regions are japanese in theme and one brings you the Great Wall of China↑.  All four are beautifully done with exquisite textures and the most easily accessed roleplaying areas I can remember.

While I was visiting the sims and playing with camera angles (and yes Crap↑ I dream in Windlight, doesn’t everybody?) I had a nice long catchup chat with my good friend Ahuva↑. One of the nice things about this woman is that we usually see eye to eye on most issues, although she does sometimes take me to task on certain things.

I said that if I decide to embark on an “intimate” friendship with a man I was going to expect that the guy ask me at least one question about myself in each conversation.  I know it’s a lofty standard to set – and she thinks I’m being totally unreasonable.  I figure I’ll aim high.

We also talked about my new ability to claim a “heart condition”. I still don’t understand why, when you get something declared wrong with you, they insist on denying you things you like/want and never those activities you’re not interested in.  Being told I can’t weight train is huge for me.  Why can’t I be banned from running marathons?  It’s like finally finding out about all my food allergies and none of them were to okra – I hate okra.

I figure the silver lining is that I can practice swooning and faintly calling for my pills (somehow taking something with the name of an explosive gives me a thrill).  She pointed out that my mother is getting worse and that after 14 years of my care-giving she has a huge head start on the “take care of me now” front.  I guess I’ll work on my decline in private and spring it on everybody later.

While I wait for my time in the spotlight I’ll wander aimlessly around the grid and practice the slider shuffle.  I do have to finally put a title over my head explaining my actions though – I can’t break away and chat with the people who bump into me – all those windows and functions are very laggy.

It’s been a while since I included some good blues guitar.  (Another bright spot in my life is the music scene inworld of course.)  A little SRV seems like a good idea and it feels appropriate to pick something from a concert in Tokyo. :)

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  1. ahuva18

     /  January 11, 2012

    *grin* If you’re going to quote me, do it RIGHT. I don’t think you are unreasonable about wanting to have at least one question about YOU. What I said was that I thought you should prepare to be disappointed. It’s all about managing expectations. *laughing* On the other hand, however, I DO appreciate how you edited other parts of our discussion before posting it here.

    Maybe we can find something that fulfills the same niche as weight training. Or maybe after a bit that will be allowed again. *hugs* In the meantime, practice the swooning. SL Judge scores McMillan a low 2.5. :)


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