A New Stairway to Heaven & an Earworm in Second Life

Frao Ra, LEA22 (moderate)

If you’re not regularly checking Flora’s blog↑ you should – you’ll get tips for great art that deserves your attention.  In this case it’s a new installation on LEA22↑ called Second Stairway to Heaven by Frao Ra↑.

Before I speak about the installation let’s get the obvious out of the way.  Well it’s obvious if you’re my age – the song↑, which I now can’t get out of my head.   Don’t get me wrong – it’s a classic and it’s wonderful – and urban legend will tell you (incorrectly)  that it’s about a woman losing her virginity and that many many girls had it as the soundtrack when they did (don’t believe this, it might be long for a piece of rock music but it is only 8 minutes after all).  If for some reason you aren’t familiar with this legendary Led Zeppelin creation go listen↑ to it so you can hear what the rest of us did as we climbed this stairway.

Frao Ra, LEA22 (moderate)

Frao is a being from Hyperion who was en route to Earth when a technical glitch sent her into this virtual world.  Upon waking she knew who/what she was but not where or why although she soon concluded that “creation” is her destiny.

Her journey of purpose and discovery can be found as you climb this golden stairway, from wonderful pieces at sea level to intricate and beautiful works surrounding you high in the air.

Frao Ra, LEA22 (moderate)

There is colour and movement and joy in this journey.  Yes I messed with environment settings but the works inspired me and it was fun. :)

This is not a small installation and the journey is not a short one.  It is filled, however, with images and pieces of art that combine to delight you as you climb higher and higher up those golden steps.

Frao Ra, LEA22 (moderate)

This is an exhibit that deserves your full attention.  Don’t miss anything along the way – there is so much talent displayed here that we should be grateful to whatever burp in the transport system computer it was that caused Frao to wind up on the grid.

I truly enjoyed this experience.  Now though I’m going to surf youtube until I can rid myself of that blasted earworm.

Frao Ra, LEA22 (moderate)
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