Cadenza is “Winter Happy” in Second Life

Cadenza (general)

Every now and then I arrive at my destination and I don’t make it any further than the landing spot.  On a bad day that’s because I’m not thrilled with what I find there.  On a good day it’s because I’m so entranced by what I can see that I just start turning in circles and snapping photos.  (I do try to remember to move at least a couple of paces so people don’t land on me!)

I haven’t been to Cadenza↑ in a long long time but I’m really glad I decided to drop in today.  If you want to be immersed in magic go see what “Winter Happy” can mean.

Cadenza (general)

The recommendation they give you is to set your environment to midnight (or just use region default).  I used “blizzard” for these shots just to soften some of the images — but viewing the sim in the dark is enthralling.

I want to put a lot of adjectives in here but I’m afraid to start.  None of them seem adequate and if I indulge myself with words you’ll accuse me of hyperbole.

Cadenza (general)

Once you’ve exhausted your senses on the surface of the build, grab one of the little boats and go explore the cave.  Get lost in an example of  “landscape as art”.

None of these photographs are “good enough” or as good as they should be to truly represent the quality of the work that’s been done on this region.  I admit that I rushed because of other commitments – don’t make the mistake of budgeting too little time to experience this version of the place that brought us the “piano in the hollow tree”.

Cadenza (general)

There are some shops on this sim and I hope you check them out as well.  Supporting the creators must help keep this type of gift around for us to enjoy.

If you like taking photographs,  want to see what somebody can do to make the cold of the season less bleak and miserable or just want to see what can be done to create atmosphere and pleasure with talent and imagination, go see what’s happened at Cadenza↑.

Cadenza (general)
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  1. Cate Storymoon

     /  January 9, 2012

    Honour! Ooh ooh!!
    /me beats digital feets fast, with a dog-eared copy of The Well-Tempered Clavier, Vol. 1 tucked under one arm and a metronome under the other. I never go anywhere without them. Random pianos need love.

    I’ve been accused of being hyperbole throughout my life — the personified, not simply prone. Never met a metaphor, adjective or slant reference I didn’t adore. Gusto! And Henry David, the surveyor, skates past me on a frozen Walden Pond of mind, cackling away … something about sucking marrow. He says: “Tell Honour to gush away.”

  2. LOL Well I didn’t see the whole sim today but I think the piano is now gone :( You’ll find plenty of consolation though!

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