Cleaning up a few Exploratory Odds & Ends from Second Life

For one reason or another I don’t always show you the results of my explorations inworld.  Sometimes I find myself lagging so badly that I just can’t continue or some glitch in my viewer or on my computer makes it almost impossible to take photographs worth sharing.  In other cases the sites are still under construction and I keep thinking I’ll finish my visit when they’re completed.

This doesn’t mean that I think these destinations aren’t deserving of your attention though.  So here for your consideration are a few of the regions I’ve seen recently which I haven’t yet blogged.

Paradox Island↑ is a time travel roleplay sim for modern fantasy lovers and is based on Dr. Who (note:  I looked in vain for the Tenth Doctor↑ but he must have been in some other time period – this doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying!).  The managers of this region encourage the use of voice but the three monks I met didn’t seem very chatty.  I thought they were cute though. :)

I’ve been back to the City of Concord↑ multiple times over the past couple of weeks and cannot get the textures to load for me.  This is only a big deal if you’re trying to take photographs of course.  A 5 sim build that leans heavily to the law & order area of urban storylines – which must mean there’s a fair amount of crime as well.

Water Horse (general)

I ran out of time and didn’t fully explore Water Horse↑ and my schedule hasn’t permitted me to get back there but this looks like a very pretty island and I did see at least one person enjoying the trip on horseback.

The Linden Endowment for the Arts↑ and their sims have provided me with hours of pleasure (and a lot of material for blog posts).  I’m incredibly grateful to them and the artists building on these sims for what they share with us.  The regions are always in a state of change and the artists are often still building their installations when I go visit.  There is no deadline for many of the works so I can’t anticipate when construction will be completed.

LEA16, Rag Randt (general)

Two artists share  LEA16↑ at the moment. Rag Randt↑ has a really quirky and fun aesthetic – which might be a result of his early obsession with Mad Magazine↑. He has the coolest trees in his build I’ve seen for a long time and gives you the opportunity to juggle planets – the good news is that I didn’t drop any so the cosmos is safe for the moment.

Harter Fall↑ is doing some wonderful things with mesh.  I fell in love with this owl (at least I think it’s an owl) and his other characters.  You can decide their genus for yourself.  I’d make sure not to disturb the artists, or reach judgement on the exhibits before they’re done, but it is interesting to see what’s happening even while construction hats and tool belts are the predominant apparel on these art sims.

LEA16, Harter Fall (general)
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