Hiding in Second Life

Milvus (moderate)

Even under construction Milvus↑ is a fabulous place to visit and was exactly what I needed to try and recover from a bout of self-flagellation (no not literally – no whips or bloodletting, sorry). 

I’ve been trying to do too many things at once lately and that always gets me in trouble.  I can tell because I start making stupid mistakes but I’ve concluded it’s not entirely my fault – or at least, the online world should provide me with a much bigger safety net and then I wouldn’t trip over my own brain quite as often.

Milvus (moderate)

Sometimes the really mindless things I do stay private – like changing the texture on one tiny piece of a 256 prim link set and discovering too late I hadn’t done the second click.  Nobody had to watch or listen to me while I changed all the other ones back.  You would not have enjoyed the experience.

The odd time they’re public but I can bluff my way out of it.  During events I’ll have many many windows open.  On one memorable occasion I accidentally copied part of an im into a group chat – luckily the target of the insult was me so I could laugh it off but in the physical world I was mortified.

Milvus (moderate)

Have you ever noticed how many buttons we have to click every day?  After long hours filled with Second Life, Plurk, Twitter, blogging, web-surfing etc., I’m tired and I start to click without thinking hard enough about what I’m doing.

The other day I was playing with GChat settings and inadvertently hid one of my contacts.  I went through the hoops to put him back on the list and clicked on the wrong name, somebody who had never been a chat contact, and Google cheerfully informed me I had sent that person a chat request.  GACK!  This would have been the very last person I would have wanted to receive a request from me – mostly because of respecting boundaries but there other reasons as well.  In this case I couldn’t even send an apology or explanation.  I know the invitation wouldn’t be accepted but just the sending of it is cringe inducing.

Milvus (moderate)

So what I want is a giant, universal, all purpose and all powerful UNDO function.  I cannot be expected to click on 9,641 buttons everyday and not make any mistakes.  If I could assume all the errors I’m going to make are small or private then fine but these “omg are you a complete moron” moments have to cease and I want the interwebs to protect me from them.  If Google is so frigging smart and omnipotent then I expect them to provide me with what I need.

In the meantime I’ll just curl up in this cave and try and move past this latest example of click-challenged-idiocy.  The Traveling Wilburys will help. :)

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  1. You were dragging me into the Ignore folder of GTalk again, weren’t you?


  2. Mistakes are the cannon-fodder of creativity. :-)

  3. Poor Honour! This is why I don’t Plurk any more. I’ve never Tweeted, cancelled Facebook long ago, and seldom look at my Yahoo! Messenger (it pops up with my email). There are times I miss Plurking, but it took far too much time to follow.

    Now if I could have a universal Undo button in Second Life, like for when I accidentally retexture whole structures …


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