Kukulkan & Mysteries of the Ancients in Second Life

Kukulkan (general)

He was called Quetzalcoatl by the Aztec, Q’uq’umatz and Tohil by the K’iche’ Maya but to the Yucatec Maya he was known as Kukulkan.  To them all he appeared in his natural form as a feathered serpent.  His role was often seen differently by the peoples of his world – to the Aztec he was the bringer of knowledge, to the K’iche’ he was the creator of the cosmos.

Far more rare are the records of Kukulkan but stories are still told↑ of him today.  ” In one tale, Kukulkan is a boy who was born as a snake. As he grew older it became obvious that he was the plumed serpent and his sister cared for him in a cave. He grew to such a size that his sister was unable to continue feeding him, so he flew out of his cave and into the sea, causing an earthquake. To let his sister know that he is still alive, Kukulkan causes earth tremors every year in July.”

Kukulkan (general)

Bits and bytes and pixels are just tools.  There is nothing about technology that can pierce the veil of the universe and tap into energies that exist on a metaphysical plane – at least that’s the conventional wisdom.  It is just possible that as electrons float through time and space they bind with other, less rational, parts of the unseen world and if we look closely the “truth” could be revealed to us.

It is, therefore, conceivable that hidden in the mists of the ocean there is an island where you could discover the lair of this feathered serpent and the knowledge he gained and shared with others of his kind – those Ancients who tried to benefit us by their learning and then ascended.

Kukulkan (general)

The duality of Kukulkan and his brothers is obvious.  The feathers represent his ability to reach and communicate with the heavens while his serpent body shows his connection to the earth.  Shouldn’t we take advantage of what he has to offer us to solve the puzzles of our world?

If there was such an island, and I think we should admit that stranger things have been proven, we might discover there that when he went to sea this boy/serpent found a home with knowledge bringers and cosmos builders from other civilizations.  They are a small group after all and banding together would have aided them in their own life journeys.

Kukulkan (general)

If we could find this island we might find the remnants of their workings and teachings.  We might find a way to explore their mysteries and perhaps discover the lessons they hoped we would learn.

I’m being fanciful of course.  Our cold pragmatic view of the world and our knowledge of the practicalities associated with even the metaverse tell us that none of this is possible.  Just consider this a foolish pondering of another of life’s “what if’s”. In any case, what could “ancients” possibly have to offer our world that we could use or should even spend time contemplating?

Kukulkan (general)
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  2. Hi, Came across this blog article and am happy you enjoyed your time at Kukulkan. I enjoyed making this sim. Nice pictures – they bring back memories.


  3. I have a new sim. Kukulkhan II: Seeker of knowledge. Enjoy! http://secondlife.com/destination/kukulkan-the-seeker-of-knowledge


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