Where Hoss Would be at Home in Second Life

Nevada (adult)

As with most of my adventures this one started out simply enough.  I saw this photo↑ by CasperPI and, since the desert always appeals to me, I went to check out Nevada↑.  I quickly realized that this is a role playing sim and that it’s for those who speak german – I don’t but I clicked on something I hoped would give me some information and managed to get an “out of character” tag (sometimes luck plays a big part in exploring).

What first caught my attention was that the image on the land info was the famous map of the Ponderosa↑ – those of you with the same memories will understand that a theme song immediately began to compete with the stream of music coming over my headset.  I then did something I always recommend but often forget, I looked at the map.

Louisiana (moderate)

What I discovered there was a collection of 19 (I think) associated regions with identities stretching from Mexico in the south to Washington and Montana in the north and from California↑ in the west to Louisiana↑ in east.  I say associated because, based on my travels to many of them, they aren’t all operated by the same individuals and at least a couple of them are run in english.

The sims also vary in terms of maturity rating – some are adult but the rest are moderate.  They are all set up for role playing western themes and all seem to be located sometime in the 19th Century.

Texas South (moderate)

The 19 islands are also associated by landscaping and terrain – a group of the southern most ones including Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas have the same desert background.  Further north you can see a group with snow and roads and other visible landmarks are shared between many of them.  However even with their similarities I found state differences – a lot of attention seems to have been paid to representing specific aspects of the geography each area represents.

So what they have is a giant playground for those who like to roleplay the various lifestyles of the American West in an earlier time with enough variety to keep you from getting bored.

Kansas (moderate)

Some of the “states” have forced landing spots in the air – typical of rp sims but they all provide information to the newcomer.  If you use my directions to Nevada↑ you will land in a bar and be able to collect that OOC tag I mentioned.  It made me feel more comfortable – these are not empty regions and I don’t know about you but my translators have been throwing up TofS errors for months now.  I didn’t want to try and explain myself in any language never mind one in which I make mistakes even when I try and get it right.  At least in french and a couple of others it’s just my spelling that causes ridicule.

If you’re interested in what people can do when they share interests, even if they don’t share a language, then I strongly suggest you go visit these islands.  And if you want a chance to photograph some cool landscapes with lots of variety then you really need to saddle up and take a trip out west. Me? I’m going to keep looking for Hoss↑ – he was always my favourite. :)

California (adult)


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  1. “Sheriff, there ain’t room enough in this town for the both of us.”
    “Okay, let me up the avatar count on the sim.”
    “Where’s that Region/Estate setting… hold on… stupid Viewer 2… changing everything… and… done!”
    “Um… ok.”
    “Anything else I can do for you?”
    “Not really. I wasn’t really expecting that response. Was trying to start a gunfight, but, well, you defused the situation rather well.”
    “Thank you.” *draws gun and fires, killing gunslinger*

    • I don’t think you’re quite ready for role play – let’s dip you in grease for a while and see if we can reprogram you …..


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