Ungifting, Prims & Mesh & Changes in Second Life

The Mesh Dress Doesn’t Disappear Into the Ground

It’s the beginning of a New Year and traditionally the time to make changes in our lives.  Real life health and other issues are forcing some decisions on me and I’ve decided to stop playing other peoples’ games and focus on what I want/need and deserve for once.

I posted yesterday↑ about acquiring a rigged mesh avatar and I’m having fun learning the ways it works and I’m  getting more and more excited about the possibilities – although there will be the inevitable growing pains in the use of this technology I’m in love with the detail and the way the body moves.  One cool thing is that I can sit down without having the dress disappear into the chair or ground under me.  I won’t be learning how to use this tool – I plan to enjoy the results of far more talented and technically savvy individuals.

Old School Prim Building – this I can do

Old school technology, of course, is the use of prims.  I recently got obsessed with a project to build something the old fashioned way and resisted all attempts to have me use sculpties or even mesh parts.

Last fall I had the idea for a Christmas gift for a friend of mine – I was going to make something “steampunkish” but wasn’t sure how I’d approach it.  I decided to start with a little side project to make a steam engine that would power the object – the little engine turned out to be a diva and had her own ideas about what I should be focusing on.

This was the ultimate in organic building – I started with one little piece and no real plan of where I was going with it.  After almost two months of using virtually every spare moment I had she wound up being a very high prim paper weight.

She Has Potential

I say that because I never did get around to building the purpose for the power she can generate.  She’s just potential in a box at the moment and she’s certainly not going to win any awards but I think she’s pretty and, even if no engineer in any era would recognize her as a piece of machinery with actual ability, I’m proud of her.

About the time I was finishing her the person I was making it for decided to send a message that they don’t consider us friends.  Frankly, if somebody goes to that much effort to convince you of something I think it’s a waste of time to argue. I do think it would have been easier all around (and more courteous) just to take 30 seconds to write me a two line note. I believe I deserved that much but what do I know. :)

I did pass them the gift but, for what I’m sure are lots of perfectly good reasons that are none of my business, they haven’t had the time or inclination to look at it (assuming the inventory transfer was even accepted) or acknowledge it if they did.  There is some good news for me in all this (apart from having enjoyed the building process).

I need to learn to script (sigh) so I can make the parts move

When I make a gift like this for somebody I give it to them full perm and consider it theirs.  The copy I have in inventory is backup only and I don’t use it for other purposes.  In this case I’m “ungifting” her – in the sense that if they accepted it I expect them to understand it’s theirs to use as they wish however I’m reclaiming ownership and I have plans for her.

This project isn’t bleeding edge – no use of mesh or recent tools.  It is very satisfying though and it made me fall in love with creating again.  The bad news is that I’ll wind up needing a full sim to complete what’s in my head (there will be a lot of prims).  I also have to recognize that, given how long it took me to get her to this point, it will probably take a year to finish the entire thing.  I can’t imagine anything I’ll enjoy more. *grin*

I have no idea why but, yes, I want to finish her
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  1. Ooooh where did you get those components?

    Must… glue… them… on… hat…


  2. daleinnis

     /  January 4, 2012

    Ooh, that is pretty! If you should happen to need a scripter… :)

    • /me grins – Oddly enough your name keeps popping into my head. :) I’ll be in touch, not for a while, but you will hear from me. :p

  3. Keep in mind the tools are not what makes your work beautiful the end result is. Even people who build in mesh often have much to learn and use methods and tools some might consider antiquated. What matters is it works, it is beautiful and you made it! That said try this relatively easy to use mesh tool http://vimeo.com/29427856 I will be doing more live classes on it soon.

  4. Voodoo radek

     /  January 4, 2012


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