Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Becomes a Rigged Mesh Doll in Second Life

DollCoco (moderate)

Yes I like trying new avatars and playing with different looks.  Luckily creators on the grid are always tempting me and providing me with new opportunities to make people wonder what the hell I was thinking.

My first reaction to DollCoco↑ was that this store is a work of art.  I’m using the region default environment in these photos and it’s startling at first but very cool.

DollCoco (moderate)

My only experience with or knowledge of rigged mesh would be the few videos↑ I’ve seen and they were intriguing.  Here is a store with rigged mesh avatars – I only saw female but once I did I was fixated so there could be male ones as well.

You pick a body and try on the demo (and btw, the body is free – just join the group to get access to it).  Then you pick a head and try that on.  My viewer was being glitchy (gasp) so I could see other shoppers but not myself until I went home.  Then things sorted themselves out – weird but fixable.

DollCoco (moderate)

You can’t wear the head with your regular avatar body but there are a number of choices which is bizarre but fun.  I picked one with markings on the face – I do like facial decoration of all types.  You’ll see headless avatars walking around selecting demos to try – it’s one of the strangest shopping experiences I’ve had but I enjoyed it.

Once you settle on your avatar you go look at the clothing – which can’t be worn on regular avatars either. And regular clothing won’t work on this rigged mesh creation. Once again you have demos to try.

DollCoco (moderate)

My regular ao works with this avatar but I see lots of possibilities for new movement and look forward to trying that out – once I settle on a head and clothing.

I can also wear my own hair with the doll – which saves me some lindens at least.  I have to go back now and try various options and combinations.  I’ll let the more adventurous of you figure out how to take advantage of rigged mesh with the more intimate pose balls – I won’t be trying out or reporting on that aspect of grid life.  *grin*

DollCoco (moderate)
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  1. Oh lovely. It’s pretty little rigged mesh dolls trying to take over the grid from evil robot toys.



  2. Cate Storymoon

     /  January 4, 2012

    Honour… I spent a few weeks playing with my dollyCoco-Me. Got both the free pale and cacao versions of the body, bought a head, and mixed and matched them to create a shirt or socks or pants, whatever effect.. and went through my inventory with a fine-toothed comb for all attachments that could make outfits. Had a *blast*! Funny how a little avatar change nudges perspective. Who are I really? I dream I am infinite consciousness held for moments inside an eensy finite mammal, INSIDE a cute halfling simulacrum, and again INSIDE yet another digital doll that is all at once beautiful and grotesque.

    Tires my synapses so when I ponder these things at length. A Phineas & Ferb break with my grandson is in order. ;-)

    It’s a ginormous tortoise resting upon elephants all the way down, and they’re probably rigged-mesh too!

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