Destruction as Art in Second Life

The 2nd Libations Temple (before)

I have to start this year with a post about one last event in 2011 and a brief contemplation of one of the unforeseen consequences of blogging .  Let me begin with two quick observations – first, Haveit Neox↑ is an insanely talented and completely demented artist.  I love that in a person!  The second is that I am an incredibly lucky assemblage of pixels and I don’t know what I did to deserve this but I’m very grateful that my previous incarnations earned so much good karma and I plan to take full advantage.  With only a teensy bit of guilt.

I blogged early in December about 2nd Libations↑ – one of the true masterworks on the grid last year.  I really really hope you saw this installation.  If not, it’s too late now.  Hav announced he was going to blow it up and yesterday he did.

I loved those Centaurs!

In Second Life people will often blow things up.  This usually entails turning things to physical and watching the prims fling themselves about the place. I invited a number of people to the event – those that I know like seeing things explode and some that I knew hadn’t experienced this type of event before.  If you’re one of the ones who didn’t think it sounded like anything interesting – listen to me next time.

Hav took this “knock down the tower of cards” tradition to a whole new place yesterday.  He wrote the end of the Libations story and his Bots (still desperately trying to save humanity and therefore themselves) conjured their own version of a Viking death ship and incorporated Hindu and other sacrifice traditions and the result was outrageously (insert your own adjective, I’m exhausted).

The stoic Centaurs remained on guard throughout

There was smoke and flames and buildings fell down and destruction and mayhem ensued.  The library blew up and we were coated in the “dust of ideas”.  They even dismantled the world wide web which I think means many of us are now permanently wandering the grid doomed to forever remain in whatever skin and outfit we had on.  Many of us were wearing the robes from Libations so I think we have a new cult.  Cool!

The audience was fantastic and very appreciative.  As usual during an inworld event the chat provided a good portion of the entertainment – there were tears honouring the end of a fabulous exhibit but who knew there were that many puns to be made about Bots and the end of the world?  Crap↑ insisted that his solid state robot parts would survive the cataclysm long enough to make a video of the event.  I hope it worked  – it will be well worth seeing and I’ll update if he pulled it off. My photos can’t possibly convey the magic of this experience. Update: Well Mal Burns has a video↑ of it – yay!

The Library starts to collapse

When I returned from the finale (yes, I left the Centaurs to sweep up – I’m sure they’re used to it) I was looking at the stats on this blog.  A long time ago I published a “cautionary tale” post↑ about being careful how you title your images – google search is used by peculiar people and they will find you from some very strange starting points.

I recently did a vent about a recent fashion in “beauty” inworld – the idea that avatars should mimic the collagen/botox craze of the physical world.  Ever since I’ve been getting hits from searches like “barbie boobs” or “kissy face lips” or “kissy boob” (?) which are to be expected;  “people who botox their tits”  however is bizarre.  Can I just say ewwwww.  There are things out there I’d really rather not know about.

Haveit Neox floats artistically in the midst of destruction
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  1. ahuva18

     /  January 1, 2012

    Kind of a shame that he blew it up New Year’s Eve. I can appreciate the symmetry of that timing, I guess, but that’s a difficult time for many folks to make it inworld. It sounds like it was a dynamite happening *grin* I’d have like to see it.

  2. Cate Storymoon

     /  January 1, 2012

    Honour, it is because of *you* that I had the delight and awe of 2nd Libations, and also to have followed the breadcrumbs to Haveit’s ACCentaury location. Yesterday’s gathering to watch his deconstruction took my breathe away. When the final story told the destruction of the scrolls in the library I wanted to run down like Hypatia with a basket to gather whatever remained of them … All of it touched me deeply inside (I knew it would), not that I have too many rescue fantasies… I don’t … not… no really, I don’t! ;-P Only able myself to quip and pun early on in the “show” — awash in the sights and up to my eyeballs in emotion … I wondered (read: know) that humor to deal with all manner discomfort and pain is so so human. Just sayin’…

    It was a pleasure to say hi to you, and tell you in-person how much I value you and your work/art. *hug*

    …behind my avatar, embracing (albeit with an oft-time wince) our human condition, never bored, ever.

    Now for some reason known only to my insides, Paul Simon is singing “Peace Like A River”. Life’s little soundtrack. Hm… curious and wonderfull! May a peace-filled and heartful 2012 be yours.

    • ahh Cate – It was a delight to finally meet you in “person” – only my need to have multiple environment windows open and sliders activated and shadows etc turned on prevented me from chatting – my lag tends to get in the red zone when I’m taking photos. :p I’m thrilled I have a reader who can refer to Hypatia without blinking. *grin* Happy Happy New Year to you!


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