Goodbye to 2011 in Second Life

Gilmour (moderate)

It’s the last day of the year and the last day I’ll spend looking back. I went through my blog photos from 2011 and pulled out some of my favourites for this post – I was privileged to visit a large number of extraordinary builds and occasionally captured some images I’m proud of.  I moved the blog this year and you’ll notice if you follow some of the links that the formatting didn’t always translate.  At least I managed to hang on to the content even if it’s not always “pretty”. :)

The photo exercise reminded me of the things I love about Second Life – the diversity, the talent, the amazing people (even some of the jerks) and most of all the huge potential for creating everything from art to community.

My best memories from the year center around the work I did on SL8B↑ and Burn2↑ – working with extraordinary people to build and then thrive as a team during those events was an experience I treasure.  Sleep deprivation, laughter and a lot of hard work combined to create hundreds of special moments I wouldn’t have missed for anything.

The Avatar Games↑ was another very very special gift.  Totally absurd and reminiscent of the Twilight Zone, but I can honestly say I haven’t enjoyed anything more than that combination of Crap’s↑ absurdity, the art, the audience, the sight of a chicken running an obstacle course and, of course, the idiot couples deciding to have sex under the bleachers on a Linden sim.  I do regret that we killed↑ a couple of the athletes – but it is a dangerous sport.

I learned to not try and confront drama or intrigue when I’m tired although yelling in voice did ease some frustration, and it did manage to shock people out of their belief that I’m some quiet doormat, it wasn’t my finest moment.  Game playing in the virtual world is no more productive or justifiable than it is in the physical – in fact it’s a complete waste of time.

If people think they can get away with being pricks on the grid they obviously haven’t been paying attention to the amount of gossip and information sharing that goes on.  (Seriously?  You use your company’s computer and account to check on a “friend’s” credit rating and then want to lecture me on ethics?)

Golgothica (adult)

I had a lot of fun this year.  I want to thank all of the artists, builders, volunteers, event organizers and residents who made this journey so memorable. I learned new skills and got to flex some brain muscles I hadn’t used in a while and both of those things were not only worthwhile but very satisfying.  I plan to do a lot of each in the coming 12 months.

I hope you all have good memories of 2011 and I really really hope you have a year full of joy and laughter and triumphs in 2012.  As always I’ll be waiting for a First Foot↑ tonight and toasting absent friends.  I look forward to whatever adventures await us all beginning tomorrow. :)

Treptower Park (general)
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