The Spectator in Second Life

der schauer (moderate)

It’s a “random tp to a LEA sim day” and once again a chance to enjoy something completely different.  LEA24↑ is hosting an installation by Selavy Oh↑ called “der schauer” (The Shower) {note that google translate told me it meant The Spectator – but I was corrected, luckily my take on the installation remains the same}. :)  The entire region seems to be in constant motion and the changes are mesmerizing.

I managed to secure a landing spot which will prevent you from being impaled but you will still be in some danger of bruising because those floating boxes hit indiscriminately.  Art is meant to be a bit painful right?

der schauer (moderate)

Your role on this occasion is not to participate but to observe.  The fact that you get caught by flying debris is very much like the truth of the physical world.  It is impossible to remain totally apart and untouched by the action around you.  You have the option of dodging and evading or simply standing there and letting outside forces pummel you.

Set your environment to region default – although it all looks grey scale there is colour and the movement is spectacular.  I also recommend setting your water to glassy but that’s just my preference.

der schauer (moderate)

Camming around is fun and gives you a chance to see things from different angles.  A good friend of mine once told me that it took her a while to get used to the idea of “3D” when she first started creating art inworld.  This is a very good example of somebody who has explored that notion fully.

I would strongly suggest though that you pick a vantage point, set your screen to whatever angle you prefer and just watch what happens for a while.  The patterns and movement will unfold without your interference.  Change your camera position and watch a completely different show. I also recommend some dodging – those pedestals can come crashing down at any moment.

der schauer (moderate)

This work is like an intricate waltz for many dancers.  The “choreography” is complex and unfaltering.  Being a “spectator” doesn’t mean it’s an effortless experience for us (if we want to actually see what’s happening) and your appreciation for the work will increase with the steps you take to view it.

The only downside to my approach using the map to randomly select LEA sims is that you know I’m going to miss something.  I don’t want to and I’ll try and figure out a systematic method of checking them all but in the meantime I feel like I’ve won a lottery every time I land.

der schauer (moderate)
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  1. Er … actually “Schauer” means “shower,” as in rain shower … see … sowwy … still, yeah I gotta go see this.

    Happy New Year (despite annoying replies)!

    • LOL thank you :) Next time I won’t check google – I’ll just ask you :)

      • Naw, my German isn’t much better than my Finnish, and even worse than my French. (My native language is &%$@#?!.) I got it from Selavy’s post (which I’d already seen) and confirmed on Google myself. Back-translating in Google, the German for “spectator” appears to be “Zuschauer” — pretty close!

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