Forest Sorcery in Second Life

Little Witch Forest (moderate)

A few days ago I profiled a winter forest owned by bigtotoro xue↑ and said I wanted to go back and visit the sister islands – this morning I finally made it to Little Witch Forest↑ – and I have to tell you I love this man’s aesthetic.

This is a forest you’ll happily spend time lost or contemplating the universe.  You’ll also find yourself at first startled by and then seeking out strange fey creatures because there is both magic and humour to be discovered.

Little Witch Forest (moderate)

I have spent most of my life in the rainforest and wandering around this one felt very familiar.  It’s hard to explain unless you’ve gone hiking in the woods but the sense that this is the entire world, the inability to see beyond it and the way the light tries to get through the canopy above you brought back many memories.

It’s also a relief to visit a location where it’s not snowing. :)

Little Witch Forest (moderate)

The Little Witch who lives in this forest (according to google’s translation services) is friendly.  I didn’t meet her but I can tell you that none of the other denizens of this wood attempted to do me any harm – in fact they spent most of their time trying to stay out of the way.

I don’t usually do this but I was so impressed with the textures in the forest that I looked for the creator.  Crap↑?  If you’re paying attention – go visit this forest and then go check out the 3 sims of landscaping products by felixvonkotwitz.alter↑ – I’m so out of the loop on what people are making these days I hadn’t heard of him.  This is a name people should know.

Little Witch Forest (moderate)

If you are one of those who finds forest scenes like this confining or you need to be able to see the sky – wander a bit and you’ll find vantage points that allow you to get above and away from the forest floor.

Look for the bizarre bus – I won’t give any more clues but you’ll find it.  Finally treat yourself to the spectacular views of and from the top of the hill.  I think you’ll enjoy the Little Witch Forest↑, just make sure you have good hiking boots.

Little Witch Forest (moderate)
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  1. I’ll check them out, but it’ll be hard to beat New trails and their hitting the sweet spot between beautiful detail and prim-stingy.


  2. The structure for your blog is a tad off in Epiphany. Nevertheless I like your web site. I may need to use a normal browser just to enjoy it.


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