An Enchanted Evening in Second Life

Dark Moon (moderate)

I managed to accomplish almost all of my chores yesterday (inventory had to wait) so I allowed myself a brief visit to Dark Moon↑.  You’ve probably visited this sim before but it’s now winter and you should check it out again.  Use the Region Default Windlight Setting (which is Torley’s “Under a Yellow Moon”) and explore.

At the landing spot is a notecard full of info and a Magic Flying Bubble for you to use on your visit.  I must have had a short period of forgetfulness – I mean I know I’m not allowed to drive but I evidently thought flying would be OK. I was wrong. It’s very pretty  but I’ll just have to watch the rest of you travel in comfort, I had to walk.

Dark Moon (moderate)

You can tell this is a romantic build – there’s lots of pink. *grin*  The good news for the more cynical of us is that there are other colours as well and some really magical spots.

The notecard will suggest things you shouldn’t miss and I recommend all of them but particularly the carousel.  Perched on top of a mountain, you’ll find a spectacular view of the valleys and hidden spots below.

Dark Moon (moderate)

I liked the variety on Dark Moon and I was very impressed that it manages to be romantic and interesting without the standard menu selections some builders use (3 mushrooms, 4 pixies, 6 butterflies, etc.).  Different is good. :)

There are too many wonderful places on the grid (and far too many that I have yet to visit) for me to keep returning to the ones who change their landscapes regularly.  I wish I could.  If you have favourites though – or really good memories of special builds – you ought to go back just to see how they’ve updated.  I’ll try but there’s all that unexplored territory just waiting …..

Dark Moon (moderate)

This visit reminded me of a singer and song I haven’t listened to in years.  A client once made me a tape (yes it was a long time ago) of the album “Chasing Rainbows” and I wore it out.

This was one of my favourite songs – it’s not the best audio quality but it is the version that I prefer and you’ll still get the impact of her exquisite voice.  If you’re not familiar with Jane Olivor you should do some surfing on YouTube.  Consider this an extra gift from me this season.

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