Shifting Out of Idle in Second Life

XIV Evanesce (moderate)

I have almost emerged from that turkey coma but didn’t feel like doing much more than playing with the camera this morning so I decided to return to XIV Evanesce↑.  The last time I was there I stuck to different midnight settings and thought I’d try a few other environments for the fun of it.

XIV Evanesce (moderate)

I really really have to get some inworld housekeeping done today.  My inventory is a mess and I have new home that requires some furniture and landscaping.  The latter will be enjoyable – I’m a nester at heart and it’s been a long time since I had one to play with.

XIV Evanesce (moderate)

My list of things to do includes decision making in all my lives (blech) as well as tackling a lovely pile of books just sitting there waiting for me.  I also have a “son” who needs prepping for a police oral board (Dmom you ready?) although first we have to make him sit still long enough to absorb the lesson. :)

XIV Evanesce (moderate)

It’s so easy to get distracted inworld but I’m determined to make at least some progress on these projects.  Maybe if I tape my camera clicking fingers or forget how to teleport?

Once the chores are done I can get back to building.  I made a couple of things recently that I’m proud of and I want to continue to explore that aspect of SL again.  Someday I’ll get bored with the place – I don’t expect it to be soon though.

XIV Evanesce (moderate)
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