Getting Drunk in Second Life

It’s that time of year I get all reflective and think through my personal high points and failures of the past year before I can look forward.  The failures get more attention (of course) and seem to always involve poor judgement on my part.   “There’s no fool like an old fool” becomes more and more appropriate unfortunately. Getting past this point is always difficult.

It is wonderfully ironic (to me) that my random map journey took me to LEA15↑ and an installation under construction by the amazing folks at MetaLES ..0..↑. Based on the fabulous prose poem Enivrez-vous (Get Drunk) by Baudelaire↑ this is a destination that reminds me to get past the wallowing in personal fault and focus instead on what I need to be doing.

The broken pavement that reminds us that roads are never either smooth nor simple is timely.  The methods for escape are beautiful and the atmosphere is perfect for the dreamlike quality of the mood (certainly the one I was in although that could also be just turkey coma).

Set your sky to “Foggy” and the water to “glassy”.  Take the opportunity to sample the various objects (including the fabulous bathtub which is the doorway to a forest that will be completed in the future).

An additional irony was that a song playing when I arrived is called “Letting Go”.  One of my many oddities is that I consider the concept of forgiveness to be arrogant and condescending.  My hope is to let go of whatever feelings of self-blame or shame I might experience and just move on.

The poem reminds us that all our lives are fleeting and suggests the poet’s belief that there is only one way to proceed. Select your passion and “get drunk” on it. I’ll certainly make more mistakes but I can aim to have a higher percentage of successes every year.  That’s the only type of resolution I’m willing to make and stick to. :)

I won’t stay long in this phase of reflection, I have too much of a need to be positive and one of those aspects of my lives that nourishes me is the creativity and talent and love I find inworld.

Whether you’re in a reflective state or not, go visit LEA15↑ – it’s peaceful and lovely and (even under construction) it’s worth a visit.

For those who are not familiar with this amazing poem I’ll include a short video that comes with English Subtitles.  Enjoy!

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