Snow Magic in Second Life

Totoros Forest (moderate)

If you don’t use Koinup↑ yet as a source to find sims to explore you really should.  My thanks today go to Koro Carnell – this photo↑ of hers sent me to a beautiful forest owned by bigtotoro xue↑.

There is a lot of snow and ice on the grid right now but very few of them have me returning over and over just to take a few more photos.  If you’re looking for a location to take a romantic stroll in the moonlight then Totoros Forest↑ must be on your list.

Totoros Forest (moderate)

This region is part of a group of 3 islands (I plan to try and visit the other two next week).  In addition to a lovely area for skating or drinking coffee (and watching bunnies in the snow)  some special features are tucked into the woods here and there.

My first reaction when I landed was that the trees are fabulous and the layout is perfect for those of us trying to capture interesting images.  I’ve been to beautiful landscapes where I would give up using my camera – there were no vantage points that allowed me to do what I wanted.  In this forest you can play with different moonlights and east angles and watch the light and shadows paint wonderful patterns around you.

Totoros Forest (moderate)

Every time I publish a post I play the “stump the blogger” game with myself.  I’ll put up a series of photos and I always have a favourite, one I think comes close to “good”.  It’s rarely the one I get feedback on though – sometimes I think my eye is totally bonkers.

In any case – one of these pics will be included in my group of  “best of” for the year.  There aren’t that many but they keep me going. :)

Totoros Forest (moderate)

I have landmarked this forest and want to see what he does with it throughout the year.  bigtotoro has a great eye and the ability to create beauty with a landscape without excess or cliche.

One of the things you must include on your trip is the ice carousel.  It’s stunning and ethereal and paired with the cutest little ride you’ve ever seen.  Take a break and wander through Totoros Forest↑ – I think you’ll enjoy it even if you aren’t camera obsessed like I am.

Totoros Forest (moderate)
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     /  December 28, 2011

    So laggy there I couldn’t move

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